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    why cant i access/see UAC's University Offers 2010 Online - see who's in your course!

    Re: why cant i access/see UAC's University Offers 2010 Online - see who's in your cou All threads before a certain date (the date when this site was hacked?) cannot be seen. Blame the incompetent moderators/administrators of this forum.
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    Can a sydney buses driver legally deny a child service?

    What? If you cannot deny a student travel then why would anyone pay?
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    first day

    I attempted to get up for MATH1002 but I couldn't. Can't see myself ever making an appearance in that lecture.
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    First day

    does that mean you don't go to them as they're not on or we still go and..?
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    whose going alone to oweek?

    I went alone and ran into about 20 people I knew. I expected to only run into 1 or 2 so yeah
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    Hmm does broadway ever fill up?
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    Missing your Orientation Day

    What about missing the Friday whenthey have the introduction lectures on? I've got to go back to my high school for an award and where a suit. So either I gotta change or wear a suit to orientation day..
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    Parking @ USyd

    I think they're talking about the RPA car park, directly opposite of RPA's main entrance.
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    after catching public transport everyday for high school there's no way I'm doing that again for uni What are the best options for car parking everyday at the Camperdown/Darlington campus? I've tried looking on the site and there's too much information to understand.. do you get a student...
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    What do you hate about USyd

    no close by free parking
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    miranda rta p's test

    lol Miranda what a joke. I had a young women, I think she said she was the daughter of one of the instructors (so must be pretty old? Dragon lady?) I did my test there, we got in the car and the woman said "We'll do a 3-point turn and a curb side stop" No parking at all and she said this before...
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    Email not working?

    wow they are really tight on unikey passwords aren't they.. banks allow less secure passwords That worked, thanks
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    Email not working?

    I actually meant that. It still doesn't work
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    Email not working?

    I can log into the UniKey page fine but when i try in www.outlook.com it says either the username or password is wrong my username is aabc1234@student.uni.edu.au and i even tried USDDMMYY as my password
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    just someone who found you on whirlpool :)

    just someone who found you on whirlpool :)
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    Are male of female drivers worse?

    Bad drivers and reckless drivers are definitely not the same thing.
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    What are your final UAC preferences?

    Is there some way you can tell the university to decline my offer?
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    What are your final UAC preferences?

    Exact same situation with me. My 1st/2nd preferences are the wrong way round thanks to the UAC server lagging around 11:45pm. My fault in the end for leaving it too long. What you can do is accept your first offer and then apply again in the later rounds. This might cost extra however. Oh the...
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    What are your final UAC preferences?

    No, if you decline your first preference you don't get another offer.