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    Math1081 Course Review (Upcoming) [IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO STUDY CS]

    unironically learn your 1st yr maths properly. u start getting fucked in 2nd yr. also stats is definitely a lot more useful lmao
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    Math1081 Course Review (Upcoming) [IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO STUDY CS]

    math2621 and math2701 t3 u won't destroy ur wam for the flex haha
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    How do I write with more sophistication and academic language?

    thesaurus lol. just make sure u know what the synonyms actually mean instead of using them in a weird context.
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    The Lesson On How To Approach Life After Graduation.

    what does money have to do with going to unsw instead of a college? u get hecs innit
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    what's the best way to make online diagrams ?

    have u tried tablets or the like
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    how many bonus points can EAS give?

    usyd gives eas, but it's coined under the 'broadway scheme' or sth and it's pretty sus. you need to do some digging. not sure if they even release data for how many points for courses u get for eas.
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    Am I royally fucked for Physics?

    nah nsb just has joke exams for anything other than 4u iirc. ruse had some decent 3u exams iirc. but ye agreed
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    how would you get a full mark in essays

    for internals, literally write what the teacher wants, and in the way the teacher wants.
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    Am I royally fucked for Physics?

    have u done 4u ruse and nsb papers from the past like 2 years lmao.
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    Am I royally fucked for Physics?

    @ExtremelyBoredUser ngl I think u guys just have easy internals. u cant do some 4u qs without having seen them before. and if u want to see all the tricks it's a fucked number of qs.
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    Am I royally fucked for Physics?

    U tripping bruhv. 4us harder than phys objectively.
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    Tuckwell scholarship

    nup, this one is money I think
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    Do you want to go to a US or UK University?

    I think it does help. but top 10 isn't really impressive lol.
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    Do you want to go to a US or UK University?

    what ec doesn't really matter. just do something to a state level or higher for the us. and also have some stuff to show a bit of breadth. oxbridge get a high atar, do well on their specific test and interview, do something related to the degree u want to go into; somehow demonstrate interest...
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    Delta English Tutoring - A Warning

    bro when did you change gender ???!???!!!!
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    Ask me anything!

    Strive* lmao
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    What marks should I be aiming for to get 99.90+?

    ye can confirm, feel like I got screwed in externals english for shit handwriting as well.
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    UNSW Comm Transfer

    quite a lot of firms. making it from Macquarie into ib is a fight against the odds. hm why not comm/law double? i don't feel like single comm is looked upon too favourably either. u could probably call up unsw and ask for 'precedents' of which units transferred across.
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    Which Math textbook should I mainly use for studying

    depends on the school ig