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  1. muzeikchun852

    INFS1602 or MARK1012?

    bump for more opinions.
  2. muzeikchun852

    ACCT1511 vs ECON1203

    ECON1203 any day. 1B requires so much more analysis than 1A, but then again I did it a few years ago.
  3. muzeikchun852

    INFS1602 or MARK1012?

    Has anyone done INFS1602 recently? I'm tossing between INFS1602 and MARK1012, but I heard MARK1012 is similar to MGMT1001.
  4. muzeikchun852

    Commerce Elective.

    yeah. I heard it's quite easy, but they don't offer it during sem 2 :(
  5. muzeikchun852

    Commerce Elective.

    Any suggestion on easy HD commerce elective (except the core/flexi-core)?
  6. muzeikchun852

    Level 1 Commerce Elective.

    FINS1613 is one of the flexi core unfortunately, but thanks!
  7. muzeikchun852

    Level 1 Commerce Elective.

    Do you guys have any suggestion for easy level 1 Commerce electives, except the following: - Core & Flexi Core. - Finance courses. - ECON1202 & ECON1203. Thank you in advance.
  8. muzeikchun852

    Best coffee on campus?

    jd cafe isn't bad recently.
  9. muzeikchun852

    UNSW 2014 Rollcall

    Re: UNSW 2014ers Rollcall 3rd year Comm/Advanced Maths (Finance/Statistics) .
  10. muzeikchun852

    Investment banking

    Acf, sav.
  11. muzeikchun852

    Summer Term Fees & Buses

    Nope. It's only full fee just for business course, and I'm pretty sure you can HECS.
  12. muzeikchun852

    Anyone accessed new email?

    I can still access my email on my phone. but no luck with the new website :(
  13. muzeikchun852

    Which subs should i pick for s2?

    probably ACCT1511 since you want to major in accounting & finance. the course is not easy but you need it for higher accounting courses.
  14. muzeikchun852

    subs for sem 2

    lol you are doing actuarial yet you want to major in accounting and finance ? anyway. i think you should at least do ACCT1511 & FINS1613.
  15. muzeikchun852

    which flexible courses should i choose?

    yeah i heard info system has a lot of group work as well. i will probably recommend ECON1102 > MARK1012 / INFS1602.
  16. muzeikchun852

    UNSW Roll Call 2013

    Commerce (Finance) / Advanced Maths (Statistics). 2nd Year. Three days.
  17. muzeikchun852

    combining commerce with science?

    psychology is another popular major amongst asb students.