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  1. millymoo


    :wave: For valentines day i want to surprise my boy by getting a hotel for the day (sorry didnt know where to post this) so i was wondering, do you guys know of any nice places in the sydney area (mabye city) that offers day rates? no one really advertises them... thanks in advance !
  2. millymoo

    clubs, associations etc

    :wave: what types of clubs and association type things are there at uni? i want to get active and involved in heaps of stuff this year so what do ppl know of??? ta! ps. a link would be helpful if theres like a listing of them somewhere? thanks in advance :)
  3. millymoo

    girls only

    those of you who are sexually active do you girls go for pap smears? things are feeling a bit odd down there lately and im thinking its time to get things checked out... ive been sexually active for over a year, with one person... also if i decide to go speak to doctor do i need to ninja my...
  4. millymoo

    uni, work or both????

    so heres my problem: i applied for a media traineeship a few months ago out of sheer curioisity, and with over 2000 applicants and many interviews im in the final 5. its a four day a week job with uni/tafe that one day off and nights. its kinda like a cadetship i guess, and they pay for a...
  5. millymoo

    lonely @ O week

    okay so i want to go to O week and all... but im slightly chicken to go by myself seeing i know like NOONE going to unsw.... should i go? it'd be nice to make some friends before uni starts but is it weird to walk up to random ppl... shudder... doesnt help that im insanely shy in front of new ppl?
  6. millymoo

    unsw email ???

    each time i try and get into my email account this happens:: Your login attempt failed (bad username or password) are new students not able to gain access yet until a certain date or something? thanks
  7. millymoo

    2 yr anniversary gift!

    im desperate, its on friday the 27th (our 2 year anniversary) and i know hes spent a fair bit of dosh.... i need help! i only have tomorrow to get a gift ??? any ideas?? and something a bit more special then perfume rah rah... im so unorganised! thanx in advance :eek:
  8. millymoo

    timetable questions

    if there are two lectures listed for a subject does that mean i must attend both, or do i choose which one to go to?? (mind you two of them are a permitted clash) In looking at other peoples timetables it doesnt look right for me to only have 4 lectures and 4 tutes a week>
  9. millymoo

    permitted clash???

    :confused: it says i have a permitted clash.... what does this mean>? im trying to fix it so that i can choose which one i want cause there is another time slot for both clashed ones... but how do i move the times around it wont let me??? ive gone from 'class selection' to 'view class...
  10. millymoo

    Help!!!!! FIRE FIRE!!!!!!

    You are now on Part II of the Accept Offer process Now that you have accepted your offer to study at UNSW, you must complete Part II of the process. Here you will review your personal details, complete a statistical survey, confirm your tuition fee arrangements and acknowledge the terms and...
  11. millymoo

    some advice needed! URGENT

    :confused: okay so i want to put in a late round prefernces, however im not sure ive fully accepted my main round offer yet as a backup. on the unsw page it says: Status "Matriculation" what does this mean? also, i have not yet reached the point where i have made up my timetable...
  12. millymoo

    help me!

    so heres my predicament 3. b arts at unsw 4. b arts/education at unsw i got arts! which is all good.... but they both wound up going down to the same uai of 75.00..... :confused: is there anyway i can plead my case and get arts/education instead ?????????????????? i was soooo stupid with...
  13. millymoo

    the 'I HATE SUPRE' thread

    anyone share similar feelings towards this skank line of clothing:burn:
  14. millymoo

    uni acceptance letter

    just a question, do we recieve a letter in the mail on the 18th jan ( my 18th bday! horah! ) detailing what we are accepted into, or do we wait until 9pm to check online and then get the letter a few days later as hsc/uai results went??
  15. millymoo

    tafe acceptance letters today!

    anyone else get their tafe acceptance letter today??? i did, although im not planning on going it was just a backup incase i screwed up getting into uni
  16. millymoo

    book sale!

    okay so you know that really annoying man that yells at you on tv to go to the sales at sydney olympic park and stuff?? well today i listened to him and i went and theres actually some really good books there! prices are FIVE DOLLARS for every single book unless marked LESS than five dollars...
  17. millymoo

    heeeelppp mee!!!

    heres the go! i dont know what i want to be when i grow up :(.... the only thing i can think of which may not completely drive me insane is some sort of journalism/writing course ... ( had my heart set on writing and contemporary cultures are uts... that was crushed by my uai! uai = 78.90...
  18. millymoo

    getting to penrith campus

    getting to penrith campus... ok so i live in the strathfield area... does anyone know how long it would take to get to the penrith campus and what public transport is involved... train obviously and busses> walking>?? my worry is that if i wind up at uws (b communications) ill be too...
  19. millymoo

    b arts/ b science @ sydney

    i really wanna get into arts at sydney but cut off is 83 and i got 78.90 darn! anyways just wondering about the b arts/ b science at sydney... you reckon if i did that i could dump the science part quickly? or at some point at all?? thanks :rolleyes:
  20. millymoo

    i cant believe it was so low!

    SAM and JUai predicted 83!!!! i got 78 :( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh