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  1. seremify007

    pca cadetship

    I think it'd be worth trying to research what the actual roles are and then working out if it's aligned with what you're describing as your interest. For example, there's fundamental differences between say a trader, and a researcher/economist, and all the other various front and back office...
  2. seremify007

    pca cadetship

    Just out of interest, what attracts you to "global markets and currencies", and what kind of work do you think you'd actually be doing on a day to day basis as a cadet (or even longer term assuming you stay in that same path/area)?
  3. seremify007

    Wish List Thread

    I'd go mirrorless over the shoes anyday. Just bought an R7 and am pretty happy with it so far :)
  4. seremify007

    Wish List Thread

    I had no idea what that was until I googled it. Are they actually good as sneakers?
  5. seremify007

    how to improve vocab

    Read books, news articles, etc... but from a variety of sources/authors. When you come across a word you don't know, look it up. Try to avoid spending too much time on forums/Reddit/social media because these will usually be written in a more colloquial or informal style. The types of...
  6. seremify007

    Test and compare your internet speed

    Just switched over to Optus prepaid 5G to test out how fast it is in my area... and well, I'm impressed.
  7. seremify007

    Anyone watched chernobyl?

    Forgot about this thread. I watched it and actually really enjoyed it. I know there were more than a few things which got tweaked for the show whether it be for theatrics or just simplicity in messaging/story, but overall still a good series to watch.
  8. seremify007

    Any good shows/movies?

    Cobra Kai
  9. seremify007

    How many active users on BoS?

    *shrug* Does it really matter?
  10. seremify007

    new syllabus from 2024 ???

    Second this. Even I still think about the concepts I learnt in IPT back in the day when it comes to reading flowcharts and working out database schemas in my finance role. Newer ways of handling data beyond just the traditional relational databases and understanding optimal structures when...
  11. seremify007

    Wondering About Car Insurance?

    I realised I didn't take your message very seriously so have PM'd you.
  12. seremify007

    Best degree for making as much money as possible while maintaining a good work life balance

    This seemed like a logical response to me, but I may be biased given I did acct/fin as well. I was in big 4 for 15+ years and with that length of tenure, you do lose a bit of sense of what normal WLB is. I did manage to get it reasonably under control towards the end of my time in big 4...
  13. seremify007

    I still come by every now and then!

    I still come by every now and then!
  14. seremify007

    Wondering About Car Insurance?

    I was wondering when I'd get hit with a spam link too... but Hivaclibtibcharkwa seems legit.
  15. seremify007

    Wondering About Car Insurance?

    I became an accountant :) Worked in big 4 for a while, and then moved to a bank. And, it's a reference to an old feature in BoS where you could click a star to give rep/credit to someone.
  16. seremify007

    Wondering About Car Insurance?

    Just get it from the car rental company.
  17. seremify007

    UTS BAcc Co-Op Scholarship

    Never fails... every year there's always a new account posting the advertisement for BAcc :)
  18. seremify007

    BoS meet up

    I'd be up for it to see the old crew (and meet some of the newer members?).
  19. seremify007

    AMA - I’m a lawyer working in a commercial law firm

    I had a quick read of that and thought it was quite interesting... is there a lot of variable compensation (ie bonuses) at the various levels? The guide says bonuses were excluded from the table but mentions that they're often 12-15%. As for the most important page, it's interesting to see...
  20. seremify007

    AMA - I’m a lawyer working in a commercial law firm

    Maybe we should do a BoS alumni LinkedIn group! It'll be interesting to see what everyone ended up doing decades later.