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  1. phemale_souljah

    Timetable Question

    most uni's go back during our o-week. as would be the reason they have their timetables already.
  2. phemale_souljah

    Power in Society

    ok...i think i should step in here on behalf of power and society. your choice between these two subjects is very much dependent on your personal interest. if you enjoy arguing the morality & so forth behind the social structure of your immediate surroundings..then by all means take this...
  3. phemale_souljah

    UAI without tutors?

    I gotta say...i am waaay to proud to get a i honestly didnt think i needed one anyway :) 95.90
  4. phemale_souljah

    Anti-Male Discrimination on Flights

    Next thing we know there'll be unisex then they'll scrap that because customers may think they're condoning homosexuality..lmao. :p
  5. phemale_souljah

    Muslim headscarves

    ^^ Thanks Moonlight, to be honest I already knew that, you have accentuated everything with a bit more clarity. ;) Needless to say, we are in fact limited by both federal and state legislation, and any move on these levels to ban the hijab would effectively impact on us as dual citizens...
  6. phemale_souljah

    Muslim headscarves

    I'm well aware of the difference between the differing arms and levels of government. With regards to this particular issue of headscarves, the expression and practice of religion is rightly justified (until now) in every state of the Commonwealth of Australia. If a ban were enforced would that...
  7. phemale_souljah

    Fck Gregan Sucks

    lol, well put. its great that their looking for new talent to ensure the future success of the team, in such players (didn't he get like MVP of the under 21's this year?). But it's a definite must that you've got to have a strong base to build on anyway, with 'depth' as you put it. At the...
  8. phemale_souljah

    Muslim headscarves

    don't get pedantic, as if the States of Australia aren't under the bloomin Commonwealth.
  9. phemale_souljah

    Home and Away

    lol...yeah the whole'i'm an addict but i did it for you' is just dry. omg...i am seriously going to cry when flynnie boy dies :'(
  10. phemale_souljah

    0403 Jasond

    lolz...oh goodness.. btw isn't Jason Donovan that bloke that sang that song with Kylie Minogue? I find it extreeemely hilarious
  11. phemale_souljah

    Rugby Article

    lmfao...oh shizzle, stupidity will never cease to amaze us huh? tht just a gives a totally new meaning to 'thats my team'...
  12. phemale_souljah

    Well-known WWE superstar found dead

    OMG...dang... that sucksssss...I found his on-screen persona a tad bit annoying, but he pulled it off soo well :( Damn...RIP...I remained loyal to all the WCW wrestlers when they merged with wwf and Eddie was definitely one of the ones i loved watching...along with booker and the giant...
  13. phemale_souljah

    Muslim headscarves

    First of all, if the hijab were to be banned ( which I find to be extremely unnecessary and inconsiderate) to what extent is religion to be denied to people? From what I know Islamic women are increasingly becoming the determinants of whether or not they wear the headscarf, am I right? And...
  14. phemale_souljah


    yep, since we got our table I've been trying... and I emphasise trying... to perfect the skill. :) I get whooped all the time so I've sort of given up lol but its a great game
  15. phemale_souljah

    Fck Gregan Sucks

    I cannot believe i stayed up to watch this game!! * shivers with anger* in fact my whole household did... oh the shame Gregan can go jump in a hole for all I care, Giteau would definitely put a new spin on the game. :) quite an aesthetically appealling spin too ;) btw big ups to Polota-Nau...
  16. phemale_souljah

    Goverment wasting money

    lol why didnt they just send you another one to top off the full 100?! hmmm I guess that's why the trees the council grows in new estates are almost half dead eh?
  17. phemale_souljah

    Immigration Dept. grants pedophile a visa

    my oh my... its all getting a little bit out of hand huh? --+ suspicious of muslim extremists? dob them in! -----+ been unfairly dismissed? suck it up! ----------+ give a student visa to a pedophile? why not! we certainly do not have enough child abductions or crimes, lets...
  18. phemale_souljah

    Raw mark for the exam???

    roger...copy that
  19. phemale_souljah

    Sections III, IV : Extended Response

    I did 25 & 28 incorporated Japan into 28... I hontesly hoope i gave them what they were asking for... because as everyone has already mentioned, they weren't exactly specific lol anyway gl all, :)
  20. phemale_souljah

    ESSAY QUESTIONS- how much did you write?

    i dont really remember? I remember handing in 8 booklets though..all up