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  1. MarsBarz

    new comp specs

    I got fairly similar specs to you except that i have a 7800GT with an AMD 3500+ which runs really smoothly and is great for games. 6600GT is a good choice though. Go for a 19'' LCD, it's way better. I got one for under $300 and it's great.
  2. MarsBarz

    Smart Casual

    Hey I've got a fastfood interview this morning. What the hell should I wear? Would jeans and a nice shirt be ok? After all it's just a fast food place.
  3. MarsBarz

    HELP - USYD enrolment hell

    Today for international studies. I'm doing commerce/arts so I believe it's friday. Can you tell me about enrolment? What was it like?
  4. MarsBarz

    HELP - USYD enrolment hell

    I also did the HSC. I have not received any dates for enrolment in the mail. I've called the helpline again today but they just forwarded me to this answering machine again. So I'm going to rock up on the 27th and hope that I can enrol then. Now I just gotta get everything which I will...
  5. MarsBarz

    HELP - USYD enrolment hell

    I did not receive that. The only thing I received about enrolment is the faculty of economics and business's enrolment information booklet for semester 1, 2006 but it doesn't contain any dates.
  6. MarsBarz

    HELP - USYD enrolment hell

    I live in Australia. Anyway I've called various USYD numbers but they all keep putting me through to this other number which is just a stupid ansering machine. I've left 2 messages in the answering machine (yesterday) but they still haven't called me back ffs! Now I'm still not sure if my...
  7. MarsBarz

    HELP - USYD enrolment hell

    Everything was quite clear until this point but now it is just too confusing. I got my offer in the preliminary round for commerce&arts (I'm an international student) and I promptly accepted and paid the deposit online. But now I am getting conflicting dates and information about...
  8. MarsBarz

    Anyone doing B Commerce at Syd Uni

    Yeah my 1st preference is currently commerce&arts @ USYD. I should be able to get in (95.10).
  9. MarsBarz

    parents gifts for getting good in hsc ? or no gifts :(

    My parents and I had an agreement that should I get 95+ they would buy me the computer of my choice. I've still got to finalise my specs but it is going to be a beast :D.
  10. MarsBarz

    Don't be so hard on yourself

    Actually, Bill Gates did go to UNI, however he dropped out.
  11. MarsBarz

    Parents Reaction to UAI marks

    I couldn't agree more with what you have said.
  12. MarsBarz

    Options available for shit UAI's

    I was investigating this option as my backup plan. Fortunately I got the UAI which I required. However this would have been my preferred option had I not gotten what I needed. Basically you would need a hell of a lot of motivation and self-discipline to pull it though. Most people would crack...
  13. MarsBarz

    Parents Reaction to UAI marks

    Well that's because you're a bad parent. You fail to understand that kids need to be pushed and they need to be disciplined. This is reflected in your child's dismal failure. Parents push their kids to succeed because they want the best future for them. When I see some people say that they are...
  14. MarsBarz

    Ur UAI and the desired Course!

    Commerce&Arts, I got '95.10'. :D
  15. MarsBarz

    i cant believe it was so low!

    Sam: 95.25 Juai: 94.85 2005 UAI: 95.10 Happy.
  16. MarsBarz

    Post your predicted UAI

    94-95. Please, please give me 95.
  17. MarsBarz

    Why Wasnt French Scaled Better

    I still don't understand. For trials I got 90/100 raw and my teacher is a HSC marker. I was pretty confident that I also got at least 85+/100 raw in that exam. How does that just allign to 90/100 HSC mark? I was ranked first in my class and I thought that my class was very strong in the...
  18. MarsBarz

    05ers - What mark did you get?

    I got 90 for continuers and I am extremely disappointed and in total disbelief over my mark. The fact that I'm a background speaker only adds to the rage, frustration and shame. I don't understand how I could have possibly done that bad. I knew that my writing tasks weren't perfect but I was...
  19. MarsBarz

    English Essay Memorisers!!!

    Memorised a 9 page essay the day before. Managed to get 86.
  20. MarsBarz

    What time did u check

    Did an allnighter playing CS all night. At 5:45 I started refreshing. Got in to my surprise at 5:50. Went to sleep at 9:00 AM. Woke up 2 hours later. Total sleep: 2 hours.