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  1. GrK_GaL

    Any one interested in a thread to motivate you?

    clubbing as a form of excercise isnt the best for a girl esp in heels oucchhhh our feet
  2. GrK_GaL

    Woman Gets 11 Years for Cooking Boyfriend and Feeding Him to Guests

    why didnt she use the hand to make finger food? :P
  3. GrK_GaL

    General Thoughts On The Exam

    i thought short answers were so hard! argh it killed me with those 6 mark questions i couldnt believe it, took me a bit to try and come up with something decent to write extended response i liked i thought it was fair and multi choice was good, only problem was i had food tech after it
  4. GrK_GaL

    Economics HSC Marathon

    i agree why do they put eco last, im dying to finish can someone please put down the major points on micro and macro. and can i please have some statas and figures on the australian economy, my teacher was away for the topic and we did nothing really regretting it no (shaking head in shame)
  5. GrK_GaL

    I hate Emma. So much. Help?

    i hate emma/clueless too its got to be my worst module in english, there are many sites you can find information for emma/clueless BOS has a lot of essays other people have done they really helped me out