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  1. Rory

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    Age: 19 Work: Executive Assistant Hours: 37.5hrs a week. Pay: $42k Salary + Super.
  2. Rory

    aww plz help

    The bus system in Canberra can suck but for the most part it's pretty coherent. Basically if you just find a bus that goes from Queanbeyan to the Civic Interchange and then jump on any 300-series from the Civic interchange and it'll take you straight to the UC campus. Have a look through the...
  3. Rory

    UC wtf

    I'd go for the Int. Studies/Journalism - I do PR with a major in Int. Studies and they're both really good courses; the communications department at UC is really good and I think you'll enjoy that much more than Management but it's you're decision in the end, if you don't like it after a...
  4. Rory

    Another what are my chances

    UC Can be suprising with this kind of stuff and you might get into the course you're after. If not you can look into the UC College, which acts like a bridging course and can up your UAI and get you into mid-semester entry. It's on campus so you get to experience all the uni-life and whatnot. It...
  5. Rory

    what chances...

    You'll be fine; back in like 2004 75 was the 'in the door' UAI and I dont think it has gone up at all. So you'll be fine for getting your foot in the door.
  6. Rory

    General Opinion

    In my opinion, I think it's a great uni. They have an awesome media department and I've talked to a few people doing Sports Media who are really enjoying it. I've been at the uni for 2 years now and I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else, even if Canberra is 6 hours away from my family. I...
  7. Rory

    Our poor uni is lacking in activity :(

    These forums are always dead.. but it would be nice to see them revived a little bit. Oh yeh the fire alarms are fun; I remember them being set off like once a week when I was on res. Where abouts are you? (I'd guess Arscott, but I could be wrong :) )
  8. Rory


    Hah uhm thanks? Dude this thread is 3yrs old, safe to say I got over my motivation issues seeing as im 2nd yr uni and all..
  9. Rory

    NAB's deferred repayment student loan

    I have looked at the package last year and the woman I spoke to at the bank was extremely helpful in explaining the application process and what I could do with the money etcetera so I think information wise you just need to find the right person to speak to, in person is best. As for how much...
  10. Rory

    Canberra College

    It is pretty basic, and they walk you through it fairly easily. It's mainly just problem solving type maths, stuff you'd have done in year 9-10, some basic algebra etcetera. But honestly, if you concentrate on the other stuff and do really well, when it comes time to do the 'test' part, you can...
  11. Rory

    How Does Your 2006 Tax Return Look?

    I think I'll get something in the 2k area. Since starting work last August I've made $20,202 and paid 3.5k in tax, so my flatmate/boss (who is doing my tax return for me) thinks I'll get most of it back :)
  12. Rory


    So far I've never failed an assesment.
  13. Rory

    how much should students have to work?

    Haha yeh I've noticed that, it seems to be two extremes though, either everyone here is working fulltime or they're bludging completely off their parents/government, it's weird lol.
  14. Rory

    What's the last game you played?

    Was playing Fable on X-box yesterday, tomorrow I'm going to try and find the PC version (find meaning buy or download haha) it's quite addictive.
  15. Rory

    how much should students have to work?

    There is no rule of thumb for how many hours you should work; if you feel that 40 hours is too much for you, then just slowly cut it back to say 30 and see how you cope with that, and if that's still too much, go down to like 25 etc and keep doing that until you feel comfortable with the amount...
  16. Rory

    unhappy with working hours

    Just tell them that you're unhappy with the hours; if they get pissed off at you then it's probably not a wokrplace you really want to be part of, what use is it working somewhere when you're too afraid to speak up about something like this.
  17. Rory

    Share house in Canberra

    You can also check out and keep an eye on it closer to when you're looking to move to Canberra.
  18. Rory

    Share house in Canberra

    You should definitely check out, it helped me when I was originally looking for shared accom with other students.
  19. Rory

    swapping NSW licence for ACT licence

    If you go up to Cooinda Hut and let them know that you want proof of residency I think they can give you a slip of paper that basically says 'yes they live here', I know most ressies do it so they can become a member at video ezy lol
  20. Rory

    Interview rejection

    It is, it's a ridiculous setup, they expect you to run the juice bar, the coffee section and the hot foods. You don't have a chef or designated cook so you're constantly running back and forth between the two/three front counters and the kitchen because you make the food, you make the juices...