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  1. boasboy

    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread)

    Still got those? I'll take them. $60. You make 2 cents :D.
  2. boasboy

    Creative Vision:m

    Is it worth it? should i get this or an ipod video?
  3. boasboy

    1st Year Thread

    WEEEEEEEEEE.. i'm part time ._." anyone go to 5pm tuts and 6pm lectures on wed-thurs ? also.. if u happen to be a 2nd year lookin at this thread.. do u have the eco textbook to sell ? XD
  4. boasboy

    Joining Society's n stuff.

    half those emails in there dont work ._." i can't go during the day because i work full time.. i can only go at about 5pm.. will they still be open then ? could i get my friend to join for me ? - nathan*
  5. boasboy

    Com/Fin societies?

    does UTS have one of them business society things ? like COMSOC ? ._. i wanna join one.
  6. boasboy

    UTS Fitness Club

    i think this is the last semester where fees are compulsory.. oh no :( i want to join clubs ;_;
  7. boasboy

    Joining Society's n stuff.

    i'm a part time student so i didn't get a chance to go to o-week.. and now i have no idea how to join all them clubs and society's n things.. how do i go about joining them and getting info abt them ? also.. since i'm doin business.. it's there like a business society? thanks =) - nathan*
  8. boasboy

    Who plays WoW and got a high uai?

    do other rpg's count ? 95.5 games: cs, THANG server RAZIN level 52 Kanoha
  9. boasboy

    Top in school

    sydney tech - 100
  10. boasboy

    UAI without tutors?

    i went to pre uni for 3u maths.. does that count ? 95.50
  11. boasboy

    Schools who improved markedly on last year

    lol i think tech went from 14th - 26th .-. but from what my friends have said.. we've all got 95+ uai's so i duno what's goin on.
  12. boasboy

    When are offers out?

    95.5 has a chance of getting into UNSW commerce ? :[ hope it can XD
  13. boasboy

    Ur UAI and the desired Course!

    2005 UAI: 95.50 Desired Course(Last Year Cut-off): UNSW Commerce 95.00 if not that then just UTS business.. -.- beat my aim by 4.5 so happy..
  14. boasboy

    i cant believe it was so low!

    wowww... mine went up by 0.7 from sam... SO HAPPY.
  15. boasboy

    SMH: The top HSC schools

    lol sydney tech down to 26 or 27 or whatever it is.. damn.. we stuffed lol
  16. boasboy

    What UAI did you get?

    whoever that james guy is CONGRATZ UR A BEAST!!!! MY UAI: 95.50 SAM: 94.8 JUAI: 94.2 HOLY F**K IM HAPPY. AIMING AT 91 I BEAT IT BY 4.5 F**KING YESSSSSS
  17. boasboy

    English Essay Memorisers!!!

    89 88 89 wooooo all memorised.
  18. boasboy

    Highest ever!!!

    SHITTTTT WE'RE DEAD I SAAAY >_<" maybe a band 6 this year is worth a band 5 last year wooo we're screwed XD
  19. boasboy

    English Extension 1

    spec fic - 45 perfect mark :]
  20. boasboy

    JUAIseek or SAM

    refer to my sig.. GO SAM AS WELL ! XD SAM IS COOLEST !