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  1. caligem

    Ur UAI and the desired Course!

    BA Arts/Business Marketing at Monash, it was 90.5 I got 91.9, so hopefully it should b all ok!
  2. caligem

    DILEMMA!!! Media and Comm or Psychology?

    Im doing both, lol, but i think it depends what you're hoping to go into career-wise. My degree 9assuming i get in!) is a double, Arts/Marketing so im doing psychology to back up the marketing and media & comm for the arts bit...and also jounalism. im hoping to get into publishing/magazines...
  3. caligem

    Uni preference

    Uni Melb or Monash...coz im moving to melbourne for dancing and they are the 2 best unis in melb (for the courses i want), to the best of my knowledge.
  4. caligem

    What is the best trilogy of books or series?

    The original mary poppins quartet (mary poppins, mary poppins comes back, mary poppins opens the door, mary poppins in the park). When i was little i read these at least 100 times....she's such a cow to everyone but somehow she gets away with it...
  5. caligem

    If you used to be a fan of the Babysitters Club

    yeah, the only reason i know what insulin is or what the pancreas do, or even wat diabetes IS is just from reading so many of those damn books (stacey was my fave, lol). i loved the mysteries, i started reading them wen i was 5 or 6 but mum sed i was too young and made me read the little sister...
  6. caligem

    30 or less

    really? since my first day of high school i've been in graded classes, (7.1, 8.1, 9.1, etc :D) and we had the 3 diff maths levels (i hav been scarred by advanced maths) and every semester we got our marks and ranks in each class and if some people were doing crap they'd get moved down to...
  7. caligem

    parents gifts for getting good in hsc ? or no gifts :(

    My mum got me a bunch of prettiful flowers, awwwwwwww. lol, and i got a $50 book voucher and a nice certificate from school for being runner-up dux...
  8. caligem

    Which subject is everyone pissed off about?

    Business studies, all year i got marks of 90-100% and my internal assessmt mark was 93ish and i ended up getting 85. EIGHTY FIVE!!!! that's a very very big difference. After the results came out my teacher goes to me "congratulations, but i thought you'd get a band 6..." yeah thanx, so did i...
  9. caligem

    Implanon and Depo-Provera

    hang on....did u say she got the injections and her periods never stopped??? oops, misread.... in that case, go neither, take the pill
  10. caligem

    Implanon and Depo-Provera

    yeah, a girl i know had that happen, she got the rod implant and had her period for 3 months and then had to be put on the pill to fix her system up or something.....neway, ive heard no good reports about those implants, i think u should def look into the injections further...
  11. caligem

    The highest uai obtained by a blonde person

    both u guys who sed getting 90+ is easy....neither of u got anywhere near 90, what are u basing that theory on???
  12. caligem


    91, yay!!!!considering i got 80 in the trials...i feel clever!
  13. caligem

    Piercings and Tattoos

    not a big fan of tatts unless they're small...mayb bigger on guys... i have 7 piercings, mostly in my ears. Left ear: 3 at the bottom Righ ear: 2 at the bottom, 1 at the top AND my bellybutton. They're usually all just small studs in my ears and a little silver bar in my belly tho...
  14. caligem

    The highest uai obtained by a blonde person

    hmmm...well i think i got the highest blonde UAI at my skool, 91.90...actually the only blonde 90+ score....YAY!
  15. caligem

    What UAI did you get?

    I got a satisfying 91.90 and i couldn't be happier!!! i was aiming for between 90 and 92 so it worked out well! and so far im in the running for 'best pass in the hsc' in my year (rural high school...need i say more?) newayz, YAY!!!!
  16. caligem

    Above or below expectation?

    all good except business, waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy lower than expected. it was a hard exam (for me) and i think someone must've beaten me (coz im 1st) with a score of 85, thus lowering my assessment mark from 92 to 85. is that how it works??? or else I was just being marked too highly Ecos...
  17. caligem

    What HSC marks did you get?

    Ancient History 91 band 6 Business studies 85 band 5 Economics 86 band 6 End Advanced 81 band 5 Gen Maths 96 band 6 all good except for business, where i got 7 marks shaved off my assessment mark of 92!!! Grrrr! i knew i screwed that exam tho, someone probly...
  18. caligem

    uai guesstimates welcome...

    raw, im not entirely sure wat happens to 'em when theyre aligned...
  19. caligem

    uai guesstimates welcome...

    *School assessment marks/ranks (school is ranked 311th) Advanced english - 82 7/57 Gen. Maths - 84 1/51 (mark brought down by crazy-hard trial!!!) Business studies - 92 1/22 Ancient history - 82 1/11 Economics - 80 4/9 *Estimated HSC...
  20. caligem

    should i or shouldn't i

    playboy2enjoy, couldnt hav sed it betta myself...