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  1. cate_7x

    excuses so that you can quit your job

    I currently work in a call centre but am going to quit because it's just a sucky job - I'm just going to tell them that i have to get a more casual job for uni. Tell the truth if you want a good reference tho.
  2. cate_7x

    Courses to do for music based occupation

    Hey, I was wondering what sort of course it would be wise to do if I were considering to go into music production or music management. I currently have no bloody idea what course I should do.
  3. cate_7x

    kings of leon concert

    I hope so. My friends bailed on me yesterday soi didtn get tickets... hopefully they will have another one.
  4. cate_7x

    frou frou

    Frou Frou is great. Went through a big stage listening to 'Let Go' until every second person began to play it and then got over it. But overall very good music.
  5. cate_7x

    Official song of schoolies 2005:

    haha for us it was 'Under Pressure' by David Bowie because we played it constantly.
  6. cate_7x

    How much money are you taking?

    Yeah I'm the same as Soha...
  7. cate_7x

    best summer music

    I always think of Mazzy Star and Jeff Buckley for Beachy Summers.... not sure why.
  8. cate_7x

    Blues and Roots Festival 2006

    I'm going. It's such a good line up - blind boys of Alabama :O It's in Byron Bay in April or May I think every year. THey always have a really good line up.
  9. cate_7x

    Foo Fighters vs. Greenday

    You really can't put these two against one another - completely different bands. You'll just get supporters of each paying out the other band. What a pointless thread.
  10. cate_7x

    Road trip Music for schoolies

    I'm shocked and appaulled that no one has mentioned the ULTIMATE driving song... New Radicals - Only Get What You Give. Cmon people!
  11. cate_7x

    foreign music

    Edith Piaf - La foule.... Edith Piaf rules.
  12. cate_7x

    The Official Big Day Out 2006 Thread (stickied?)

    Sarah Blasko = I'm happy
  13. cate_7x

    Rumoured Strokes concert @ end of November!

    The Strokes are playing at The Gaelic Club in Sydney on Wednedsday November 23. Tickets go on sale Tuesday November 22 at 9am. 600 Tickets only, availible over the the counter only at Red Eye Records (66 King St, City) and Fish Records (261 King St Newtown) NOTE: One Ticket Per Person. You must...
  14. cate_7x

    music ltastes, boys and girls

    You're quite right. This is a total generalisation. Get a life.
  15. cate_7x

    Dream Lineup...

    Note the word 'Dream' in the title 'DREAM Lineup' - you can choose any artist, dead or alive, broken up or not...
  16. cate_7x

    wheres the visual arts thread??

    I was thinking the same thing.
  17. cate_7x

    What were funniest momentf of your HSC

    In art today we had a supervisors phone go off - and she kinda got told off by the head supervisor - which was funny and bad at the same time because she was the cool/nice one...
  18. cate_7x

    Stupid exam...

    Haha I didn't mention it sparkle - it really has jack-all to do with post-modernism...
  19. cate_7x

    The "OMG I've Finished the HSC" thread

    ieprjn er;904r m389-30m r,33mhripm' rf0-3r9'aw y[3m thp3t m901111!!*#&*^$*^$!!!! ive FINISHED!!!
  20. cate_7x

    Stupid exam...

    Best. Exam. EVER>