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  1. Moonlite

    General Thoughts On The Exam

    Yup, that's right. :) I thought the multiple choise was easy, as were the Business Report and Extended Response. But the short answer Qs.... they were a bit tricky. I think I just waffled in some of them, not really sure what I was mentioning is what they exactly wanted. On well, i'm just...
  2. Moonlite

    Section 1: Multiple Choice

    Well, it seems like I got 18/20. I'm still a bit confused about Q17 though... I thought it would be either B or D... turned out to be A. Darn it.
  3. Moonlite

    Case study

    ^ Phew! Thanks guys. :)
  4. Moonlite

    how prepared r u for wednesday?

    So true. I've noticed that in Business, unlike other subjects (the ones I do anyway), the syllabus practically gives you most of the 'answers' - all you have to do is just extended on it in the exam, which mostly requires common sense.
  5. Moonlite

    Bored of Business Studies

    I think they should rename Business Studies as Boring Studies instead. Seriously, all you do is memorise and memorise radom n pointless info and then regurgitate it all out on the day of the exam. Actually... thats what you do for all subjects, now that I think about it.
  6. Moonlite

    Case study

    Are you marked down if you mention more than one case study in Q27? Is it ok if you refer to like, lets say, two or three? Cuz my main study doesn't adapt to all parts of the syllabus, in which case I was thinking to use the other ones. I just hope they don't ask Financial in the extended...
  7. Moonlite

    Predictions for the 2005 Business studies paper

    I agree.... I hate Finance. It's like the worst topic to write an extended response on. Last year's Extended Response had Finance in it, so hopefully they won't ask it this year too. But then again, can we really trust the BOS? Hell no.
  8. Moonlite

    failed already!

    Wow!!! :eek: Since Business in my last exam, i'll prolly just sit in the hall thinking of all the things I could do when I get home....
  9. Moonlite

    Who was like the best at commerce in year 9/10?

    haha I actually hated Commerce in yr10... I also sucked at it. I would hardly pay attention in class.... dunno why I chose Business. But for some reason, I like Business. Maybe cuz I have a great teacher? And the ironic thing is, i'm now planning to do B.Commerce in Uni. :rolleyes:
  10. Moonlite

    Does anyone like English?

    Hey, look at it this way: In English, you can make complete crap up and still possibly obtain marks for it. In maths, you can't.
  11. Moonlite

    Just Got Back!! God That Sucked

    I don't think it was "the best best exam ever created". But it wen't better than I expected. Hoping for a Band 5. And don't worry Shelly.... there's not much you can do about it now anyway.
  12. Moonlite

    nice examiners

    I don't know if we're allowed to take in food... but we're definately allowed to take in drinks.
  13. Moonlite

    WHO left early?!

    Only one girl left early in my school - the chick behind me. I don't think she wen't that well though cuz she kept muttering "Oh shit. Shit, shit, shit" every 10 minutes or so. For some reason it cracked me up... it was just the way she said it lol. She left an hour early.
  14. Moonlite

    multiple choice...WTF?

    I got 11/15... i'm quite happy, since the ones I guessed turned out right. :)
  15. Moonlite

    I Know Whats In The Hsc Exam!!

    Oh thats good... i'm really not going to bother with this any more. I still went online though, to look for the structure, and this is what I found on the structure of Citric Acid: But since it was from an internet site, I can't say for sure if its accurate or not. But really, I...
  16. Moonlite

    I Know Whats In The Hsc Exam!!

    Yea, that's all i've learned on the "structure" on citric acid too... and then I just moved onto occurance and uses etc. I can't even find the drawn structure in many of the books!! Urgh let's just hope they don't ask us to draw it. *crosses fingers*
  17. Moonlite

    what irritates you in the HSC exams?!?!

    Squeaky tables. If I get a squeaky table again, thats it, I'm walking out. I swear, it's SOO annoying!! I had this squeakiest table ever for English... i'd hardly touch it n it would start to wobble and squeak. People kept giving me death stares during the exam and I was like thinking, "HELLO...
  18. Moonlite

    Subjects that you regret doing

    Maths Extention 1. Going to fail miserably tomorrow. Damn it, should have dropped down to Gereral.
  19. Moonlite

    The future of you english notes...

    Yea, i'm prolly going up upload my resources. The other junk I own i'll sell or give to my friends who're starting yr12 (poor poor them). However... if i find a matchstick nearby by....
  20. Moonlite

    Did you finish?

    Yes I finished... exactly on time! Phew! My hand's still in agony though... but the best thing is, No english!!! Yay! :D