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  1. Logain

    Leaked blacklist proves the Internet censorship scheme a farce

    Is there anyway besides No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia that we can go about protesting the mandatory censorship of internet sites in Australia?
  2. Logain

    do you rkn this photo has artistic qualities?

    damn I need some of those shrooms
  3. Logain

    Killed because she dressed as a goth

    at least she'd have nothing to complain about now
  4. Logain

    Good Stand up Comedians? Good Comedy?

    Fuck me some shit comedians have been mentioned. Exceptions: Demetri Martin Bill Bailey Ross Noble Some fantastic comedians include: Daniel Kitson Mark Watson Greg Fleet The Flight of the Conchords Arj Barker Jeff Green David O'Dougherty As for great female comedians: Maria Bamford...
  5. Logain

    Soundwave Festival

    I was really really pleased with the lineup, but really REALLY fucking disappointed with the festival's organisation in general. They had like, 6 different places you could get food at dinner time. for 50000 people or whatever. It was retarded the line to get a fucking beef roll was like 45...
  6. Logain


    Re: Lost - Discuss Future Episodes Here! 3rd episode was great, this is DEFINITELY the best start to a season yet. Sayid is a true baller.
  7. Logain


    Re: Lost - Discuss Future Episodes Here! die plz, and don't waste a thread on a good show with your pointless trolling.
  8. Logain


    Re: Lost - Discuss Future Episodes Here! Oh my dear lord, Episode 2 was fucking fantastic. Best episode of Lost in like 20 episodes. Loved the flashbacks to the freighties lives -- the polar bear in tunisia, the ghost whisperer, the drunken pilot. Lot of promise for this season. And they want...
  9. Logain

    Gambling- Financial issue

    At the stakes Star is offering 2500 is pretty moderate. If you think you are good enough to win at poker then do it. Dumsum is right it is a game of skill.
  10. Logain


    Re: Lost - Discuss Future Episodes Here! First episode is sick. Can't talk about it here because it seems the TV watchers have taken over the thread :p
  11. Logain

    What are you currently Reading?

    LOL I noticed that too. I think it's one of the most brilliant fantasy series ever written however, and I was a Carmody and RJ fan for so very long. Keep till the end if you like it. It only gets better.
  12. Logain

    Big Day Out 2008

    I got the barrier for Arcade Fire. I was sure I wouldn't make it there for Rage (people had been queuing there all day) but I got to 2 behind the barrier for the Hilltops and the barrier for Arcade Fire. I wasn't expecting much from the Arcade Fire crowd, since I'm like the only one of my...
  13. Logain

    whose your celebrity pin up?

    Jenna Fischer. lovelovelove
  14. Logain


    The cast alone sells this movie for me. It's like they pretty much took all my favourite characters from all my favourite shows and put them in a movie. Michael Cera has the best comedic timing I've ever seen, <3 George Michael :D
  15. Logain

    Organising Aoe2 Games.

    Taking all challenges at 1v1. Undefeated as yet. PM me or email
  16. Logain

    Extras series 2...

    Sir Ian Sir Ian Sir Ian, Action, BSHOOOM, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, cut, Sir Ian Sir Ian...
  17. Logain

    Extras series 2...

    I just watched the Christmas special of Extras, have been waiting for it for a few months. I couldn't believe how good it was. Pure Gervais brilliance. Loved all the cameos, the awkward jokes, the subtle storyline. Clive Owen, George Michael, KARL PILKINGTON :D, and the Celebrity Big Brother...
  18. Logain

    Book about suicide/depression

    There was a book I read in high school called Shoovy Jed. Google it maybe...
  19. Logain

    Wheel of Time

    RJ actually died of the rare blood disease amyloidosis, not cancer. RIP
  20. Logain

    Age Of Empires 2

    Slidey and I had the first of many BoS matches, with my Huns beating his Celts in a 1v1 RM game :D