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    The Crucible related text

    The Handmaids tale, book or tv series.
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    What a good looking man

    What a good looking man
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    Repeating Maths Extension 1 Course

    Thanks for the excellent advice, I think will definitely wait and see how close I get to 95 before making my final decision. You mention that you didn't have to go to any classes for your maths and I'm just wondering, would have made the same decision if you did have to sit through all the...
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    Repeating Maths Extension 1 Course

    I am currently in year 11 (year 12 2022) at school and have been accelerated for my extension 1 and advanced maths course with the vision that I will only have to do extension two classes in my final year. At the moment I am ranked approximately 30th out of 70 for extension 1 with an internal...
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    Scots 2021 mx1 Trial Paper

    Easy-Medium Difficulty