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  1. fringey

    Good Luck

    It seems like yesterday that I was checking these forums....anyway best of luck for today guys!! And good luck for the rest of the bastard's!
  2. fringey

    Assessment Tasks Term One

    Ahh the pleasure of finishing the HSC has just hit me!
  3. fringey

    Lowest UAI at Selective Schools?

    Lowest, obviously someone would have got under 30!
  4. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    Oh i thought a non alcoholic event meant no alcohol for everyone. cool then. Well there you go you will be fine either way Nearlythere.
  5. fringey

    Stuff to bring?

    - Clothes horse thingy - mouse pad -coat hangers Yeah I don't really know either just wait till we get there and we will all see.
  6. fringey

    Your mark out of 500

    445.5 (HSC marks)
  7. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    Don't worry Nearlythere all the activites are non alcoholic and have a fake so you will be set. When i did my camps tour thingy the ppl were sooo nice too. It was a bit strange. I'm so over waiting though I wish we started this week. I have been looking forward to it for too long and now...
  8. fringey

    Why am i so crap!?

    Its amazing the type of vocab u can have when u are pressured. Give it time, relax and it will all come together. Try listening to some classical music it ALWAYS helps!
  9. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    The social events for O week are now online if u guys didn't know. Sounds like an absolute classic!! Just can't figure out what super hero im going to go as!! Jez they are all non-alcoholic!
  10. fringey

    droping from 2u to general??

    Either keep it or drop maths altogether. I did 2 Unit and it was really hard for me. I absolutely hated it and barely understood anything. Anyways, a lot of my friends dropped but i decided to keep it. It was awful but i kept saying, "this is the last time you have to do maths this difficult...
  11. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    I know. I keep going: oh im going to meet heaps of people go out dancing, shopping, driving, sleeping in... la la la oh yeah we have to study! But I think all the hard work put into year 12 deserves some reward and UNi is going to be that fro me. Its sorta the last time u get to be free without...
  12. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    I know 3 people well that are going and 2 ppl that i just "know" but aren't friends with and don't intend to be. Yeah lets just hope no1 gets a rep on the first night. As long as i dont chunda it will be fine.
  13. fringey

    What do you think of SAM?

    Amazing! I rekon Laz knows more about the Hsc + Uai then the real BOS!!
  14. fringey

    03'ers.. how far off was SAM for your UAI

    SAM was below by .20 well done that is amazing. I just wish I did the HSC in 2001 or 2002 they are higher!!
  15. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    lol. Oh but that is so mean. U know what parents are like, they love this sort of thing. It will make them feel comfy about uni. Yeah ill be getting shattered aswell start off uni life with a bang hey!
  16. fringey

    educate me please ;)

    Well I just don't understand how howard can get away with Iraq!! Im going to vote labor, I like there plans: They are actually going to say "sorry"..... about bloody time!
  17. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    Yeah I don't think we have to have a slumber party with the folks! Its just the first day I think they leave after lunch.
  18. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    I assume its ok. Im taking a tv and computer so I hope so!! I will be taking heaps of stuf too. I think all first years will be lol!
  19. fringey

    Parent ceremony

    On the first day are your parents going to stay for the parent ceremony thingy? I was just going to see on the day what everyone else was doing. I'm such a sheep sometimes!!
  20. fringey


    Can u use other ppls card, I think my mum has one. It doesn't really matter i can just get my own. Learnt the texts off by heart yet TeLEpAtHeTiC?