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  1. rnitya_25

    Toxicology (PCOL3011)

    Has anyone here done this subject before? If so, I really need notes as well as last year's quiz papers. If you have them, I'm willing to buy them off you. Urgent stuff, PM me or email me at thank you.
  2. rnitya_25

    Coaching rates?

    Never thought about it that way...but thanks for throwing it into my head now.. I think anything beyond 50bucks per hour is unreasonable. you're just a tutor, no matter how smart or good you are, if 50 bucks isn't good enough, you should be a professor. i charge 25 now, i used to charge...
  3. rnitya_25

    Exam Timetable (Sem 1, 08)

    Re: Draft Exam Timetable (Sem 1, 08) Still, two exams in a day and one straight after that the next day really screws with your head. I would prefer one in the first week rather than all 3 in two consecutive days in the second week. I'm very scared.
  4. rnitya_25

    Need a maths tutor

    Re: Need a maths tutor: West area... fairfield, Whetherill etc good luck getting a tutor for 10 bucks an hour... I'd tutor you for 20, but i live too far away.
  5. rnitya_25

    Exam Timetable (Sem 1, 08)

    Re: Draft Exam Timetable (Sem 1, 08) I'm absolutely screwed. Two on 24th One on 25th. Bye bye life..
  6. rnitya_25

    The Tutor's Thread

    I agree, I was a bit paranoid when i started tutoring 3 years ago, but I really enjoy it, it's just the occasional annoying kid that pisses me off. Like some students bug the crap out of you even outside of class. One student keeps calling me and sending me her stuff to get edited and giving me...
  7. rnitya_25

    BoS USyd Roll Call 2008

    rnitya_25- B Sc/A (Pharmacology and IR/HRM) 3rd year =)
  8. rnitya_25

    The Tutor's Thread

    Basically a thread where tutors from anywhere can ask questions to other tutors and/or complain and rant about their annoying I have a question: i got students who just come to class and expect me to just teach english and have nothing prepared. I've taught them in the...
  9. rnitya_25


    I agree above ^. Home cooked food is the best.
  10. rnitya_25

    Cricket Season 2007/2008

    Well said. It's sad that such a top class cricketer stays in the field when he knows and admits to the press later that he was infact, OUT. It's sad that he doesn't have the sportmanship to walk when he knows he's out. Atleast Gilly was man enough to do that.
  11. rnitya_25

    Good excuses to leave my job

    I was just about to say ^. You don't have an obligation to provide a reason to quit. Be grateful that they employed you and leave with your dignity intact so you can use them as a reference.
  12. rnitya_25

    Rules for Staff

    Re: Rules for Employees I second everything you say. I've seen so many individuals just walk out of where i work and never bother to call and say they've's very unprofessional and doesn't give you a very good reference for your future. be sensible, your boss isn't going to kill you...
  13. rnitya_25

    Best building on campus

    and yet the anderson stuart building has one vote.....
  14. rnitya_25

    PHIL1010 Society, Self & Knowledge

    Ah! Glad to know people hated this part of the course too, was beginning to think I was the only one.. I did the Hobbes state of nature question and I'm with Iheartpaulfrank's sentiments, Levitian is very gay.. Self isn't that great either...and what's with that chime? Doesn't do much...
  15. rnitya_25

    Best building on campus

    How can you leave out Bosch from this? And the Merewether/Institute Building? And the libraries? AND WENTWORTH!!!! There are too many buildings to name, but my favourite is the Quad by far; I could just sit there all day long on the grass and do something or nothing, its a photographer's dream imo..
  16. rnitya_25


    Ok, so basically you need to write an essay about what issues aboriginal and torres strait islander people have faced and how these can be remedied. Use one paragraph for each problem and manner of discrimination that they're faced with, describe this very well and back it up with a case if you...
  17. rnitya_25

    Past HSC Legal Studies Exam Qs..HELP!

    To my knowledge, it refers to the conditions and standards set in a workplace (the employment environment) and all arrangements made that are outlined in the workplace agreement.
  18. rnitya_25

    Family LCMD thread

    Family law Reform Act 1995 before the one above.
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    Re: Lost - Discuss Future Episodes Here! I've heard 4th will be the last season. i hope to god that is true, they're really dragging it on for way too long, it's becoming like a soapie..
  20. rnitya_25

    Rules for Staff

    A Rule that should apply to all staff: When a colleague/workmate of yours makes a mistake during work hours, don't yell it out or tell them on the spot, it's rude, embarrasses them, puts them on the spot and if the manager over hears....'deep shit'. pull them over to the side later and just...