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  1. Amundies

    Employment prospects in the Finance industry.

    I agree with si2136, focus first on getting into what you want first before thinking about how to become a PM. That said I don't really understand it when people ask what the path is to becoming a PM. If you work in the buyside, you get promotions (just like every other industry), one of which...
  2. Amundies

    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    I was never able to figure out why people found buss1030 so hard... always seemed like a pretty straightforward subject to me
  3. Amundies

    Consulting from UTS?

    Pls. HD average, great ECs and relevant work experience? Much easier said than done. That said, it is possible to have that kind of CV. But people at USYD/UNSW can do those as well, so why would MBB's hire from UTS?
  4. Amundies

    USYD B.Comm to UNSW B.Comm

    Unless you can get into UNSW Co-op somehow, USYD's probably a better choice solely off their IPP program... Up to you at the end of the day I guess
  5. Amundies

    UTS or UNSW engineering?

    lmao welcome to uni bud, get used to this cos you're gonna get a lot more of it over the next 4 years.
  6. Amundies

    UTS or UNSW engineering?

    Ah right yeah I think UTS does have something different. I think they have to do like a year in industry (or maybe that's just an option for them), but the fact that they find it for you is unique to them.
  7. Amundies

    UTS or UNSW engineering?

    It's like this everywhere; it's an Engineers Australia requirement to have done 60 days of work experience in order to finish an engineering degree (whether you study in NSW, QLD, WA, etc).
  8. Amundies

    Discriminatory Uni Law School/Law in General

    C'mon man, you just spent thousands of dollars on an analytical degree, you should know better than to take what someone says at face value. Also, the statement "law firms dont choose caucasian males anymore, they are more conservative" isn't even correct, given the fact that conservative...
  9. Amundies

    Are courses at USYD genrally harder than UNSW?

    Better to be dropkicks than dropped-on-our-heads :awesome: (mods pls don't ban, she started it) But yes, on average it seems to be easier to get higher marks at UNSW compared to USYD but dw about this cos employers know about this and the difference between a 79 and a 75 is pretty minimal, your...
  10. Amundies

    Is law really that prestigous and how bad is oversuplly in it

    Not really because of the skills, it's more the fact that you were good enough to get into law in the first place so banks use that as a sense check. Comm/law also tends to be quite clique-y. Yes it's true, but this is true for every degree...
  11. Amundies

    Engineering UNSW or UTS or UQ?

    *Insert Squareroot's UNSW bias here* Though to be fair, I think in this case that would be justified. If I had to choose between those 2 options, I'd go with UNSW as they've got a better reputation and I believe they've recently upgraded some of their mech facilities (Square pls confirm?). UNSW...
  12. Amundies

    How hard is engineering at UNSW vs UTS vs UQ vs Usyd?

    From what I've heard (remember, this is completely anecdotal) it seems like it is easier to get a higher mark in UTS than it is in UNSW/USYD. Not too sure about UQ however.
  13. Amundies

    BUSS1000 and BUSS1030

    BUSS1000: Haven't done this subject as I did BUSS1001 instead, but from what I understand they're quite similar subjects (basing it off BUSS1001 so might not be exactly the same for BUSS1000). Pretty crap subject, don't really learn anything new and subject is mainly focused around communication...
  14. Amundies

    Preparing for 1st Year Engineering?

    Agreed with Queenroot. You're about to spend the next 4 years studying and pulling some very late nights, relax while you can. Tips for someone starting uni: make sure to join clubs and do stuff outside of study. One thing I probably didn't do enough of when I started.
  15. Amundies

    expected completion date?

    It's when you finish studying
  16. Amundies

    UNSW or USYD - Aerospace/space Engineering

    I have friends who do the space engineering major at USYD. They say it's a lot more interesting (and a lot more work), and looking at the stuff they do does actually seem quite cool.
  17. Amundies

    Is law boring

    I studied contracts law on exchange and found it very interesting. Might have been because I'm not studying law for 3 years, but still...
  18. Amundies

    Other commerce careers then accounting?

    There are heaps of jobs in commerce. My advice would be to start off by googling some financial institutions (banks, trading firms, asset managers, insurance companies, etc) and read up on their business groups. E.g. Go here, click on "Business Areas" and click through each of the links and see...
  19. Amundies

    Couple questions on uni, part time job and free time

    3 days of work is defs quite do-able without having to sacrifice much free time. Does depend on how motivated you are/how little you can procrastinate. I worked for 4 days last sem while studying 3 subjects and was still able to socialise a bit while getting a somewhat decent semester wam, to...
  20. Amundies


    I do Engg/Comm at USYD. Engg is a 4 year degree while comm is a 3 year degree, so that should give you the approximate ratio of engg/comm subjects you'd take over the course of your degree. You're able to combine any engineering major with commerce, so Aero is fine. As sida said, whether the...