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    Does anybody actually studying ipt know much about computers

    I bludged yr9 and 10 computer studies and hence got a shit grade for it in the SC. So I tried much, much harder in IPT since I know I am quite proficient with computers and wanted my HSC to reflect that, and hence ended up with a band 6 :)
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    Help in studing

    I'm sort of in a similar situation. Some assessment tasks I absolutely bombed out in and still I ended up getting an HSC mark of 84. As people have said, do your homework and please, ask your teacher if you need help. They are there to help you, so make use of them! Best of luck :)
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    night fill

    So if you're pretty much nocturnal or prefer to work at night this would be an ideal job?
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    Parents Reaction to UAI marks

    Yeah that's entirely understandable since they don't get the course they want. But if their parents are practically disowning them despite beating many, many, many thousands of other students in the state because they didn't get into one of the top-cutoff courses in the country, it's just...
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    Parents Reaction to UAI marks

    I love the "Jesus Christ I only got a 99 UAI. I should have tried harder!!! *Ties hangmans noose and hangs self*" responses. They're good for a bedtime read when you've got nothing else to do but marvel at the ironic stupidity of such comments.
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    Funniest article ever (why PS3 will smash the 360)

    I have 4 words that explain this article's reason for slandering the XBOX 360... Anyway, I prefer PC gaming because I personally find it to be more enjoyable with better graphics, gameplay and such. I also like how MODs can be made for PC games whereas they can't (or just aren't) for...
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    Standard English + UAI

    Oops - I forgot to add this person also does Mathematics and Maths Ext1.
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    Standard English + UAI

    Eng Std HSC Mark: 76 UAI: 83.40 I beat someone who is doing English Advanced, Ext1 and Ext2 as they got a UAI in the 60s! It all goes to show it's how hard you work, not the courses you choose.
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    What UAI did you get?

    English Standard 76 Gen Maths 84 Economics 78 Business Studies 82 IPT 91 1u SOR 41 SAM: 83.90 UAI: 83.40
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    Section 1: Multiple Choice

    I fully agree! Some multiple choice were really weird, but hopefully I made up for it in the other sections. It's over! Whooo! :D
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    General Thoughts On The Exam

    Amen to that. Bloody hot, some really dumb-arse questions in there, and the unclear questions in Section IV made it worse. Q27 - which I did - asked for employment relations and managing change effectively... wtf? So I used both case studies briefly. Hopefully I answered the question or my...
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    how prepared r u for wednesday?

    I've done a fair bit of study for it and hope it sinks in but unless I'm studying 24/7 I could always be doing more :P
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    You call that an Exam?

    Fair enough buddy, no offence taken from me and hopefully no offence taken by you. You make a valid point but I just think that marks seem to be fairly evenly distributed. Say if the exam is incredibly difficult, the "not as able" students may average around a mark of 40/100 whereas the...
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    You call that an Exam?

    Where did I say that? If I did say that I was lying because I did study. I probably said that I was screwed even though I had studied because it wasn't sinking in. Mate, if you don't get a mark of 100 for this exam, shut up and stop acting so hard done by. You're all like *whinge whinge all...
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    You call that an Exam?

    I liked the exam too. It'll be interesting to see how the marks align for us though.
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    MICR uck bos for putting htis meaning in

    Can't sleep. I hope you do realise that while that's funny, you can actually lose your HSC if you do that sort of thing because they consider it a non-genuine attempt at a question. Let's hope for your sake they overlook it.
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    Multiple Choice

    Aww crap I was gonna put that but put flash down for some reason. Another stupid mistake cost me marks :(
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    hypermedia vs multimedia

    Holy crap that was some serious last minute revision!! I hope you did ok buddy :S
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    No IPT Ever Again!!!!!!!!

    I didn't mind the subject itself, it's just the teaching methods of my teacher that I disliked. I.E. if we had a question the most common thing he'd say was "Consult the textbook" .... :rolleyes: