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    Which subject is everyone pissed off about?

    im really disappointed with ext 2 english. i didnt think my major work was very good, but ive been told all year by my teachers that it was a brilliant piece of social commentary, great writing etc, and so my expectations were raised... only to be dashed down when i got my mark... im so pissed...
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    EAS Accepted?

    usyd accepted me too. i havent got rejection/acceptance letters from the other unis, has anyone recieved an EAS letter from a uni other than syd?
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    Do you see yourself marrying outside your race?

    if you took all the races of people in the world, and mixed them together (proportionately to percentage population of the world)... what would the result look like? yeah, weird i know, but imagine if we all turned into the one race in a million years time or something. i want some computer...
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    do guys really like skinny girls?

    how important are boobs? all pornstars have like E cup fake breasts. should we aspire to that, and get boob jobs? i dont know how sarcastic im being- fairly i guess, but with a bit of insecurity thrown in. i know i'll get the whole 'dont generalise' thing, but i dont give a rats arse if i am...
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    James Ruse are cheaters and the BOS do not care.

    well, i just read the whole thread (i just finished my hsc and dont quite know what to do with myself :P), and the person from JR, along with saying they work 'bloody hard' also said that they didnt start work for a particular grade before they reached said grade. i assume they know more about...
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    Revenge tragedy

    yeh, last year only 500-ish out of about 6000 (i think) did RT. in regard to the exqam, i thought it was pretty straight forward. the question did limit you to only a few conventions though. pity they werent the conventions i was prepared for, so i got thrown and had a bit of a freakout where...
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    Read this! Gain some perspective on the HSC

    if you're talking about the blog, i reckon it's mosman high, coz they dont have a uniform, and noone outside the northern beaches/north shore uses north sydney boys/girls as freaky study examples. we all know that the freaks are james ruse :D
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    2005 HSC-Harder than previous

    and that's why english ext2 was the best course i did :)
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    A song about the HSC

    scraping a third is kinda fitting. you dont get told ur actual hsc mark/UAI thingy if its below 30 or so, you just get asterixs next to it. 30 is nearly 1/3... *coughs*
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    Anyone worried specifically about one subject?

    im absolutely freaking out about extension english. i feel physically ill. and ive just been crying. i havent stressed this much during the entire thing, stuvac included. but the end is so near, my friends have finished... but revenge tragedy's big, fat arse is in my way :(
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    Standards package.

    thanks :) even though its crime fiction, its awesome to know what's expected of us in terms of genre theory
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    Standards package.

    i havent found any revenge tragedy things either. and i was wondering where people got the exemplar band 6 (4 in ext) responses from (there are acouple in the english adv notes section), coz i dont want to look at things that aren't the best, coz it'll confuse me as to what is good and what isnt :(
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    if ur bf/gf was a player

    eh. i reckon most girls are 'playa haters'. who wants to be hurt? in my opinion players would have to have really low self esteem because people who actually value themselves respect others as well, and dont feel the need to MAKE other people respect them.
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    WHY are you doing RE?

    it is 'forced'. we either had to do SOR or get out of the school. it was in the contract thingy when we started in year 7 that we had to do religion for the hsc. so nah :p that said, i quite like it. bit scared at the moment tho coz im really not looking forward to writing so much, especially...
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    General thoughts on the whole English Adv. Paper 2

    yeah, i agree, it was awesome that they were all essays. i dont think they'll mark harder than other years. they'll make it fair so the marks are pretty even, but we're not connected to the 04s or 03s at all. we're only competing against each other, and so it doesnt matter how they were marked...
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    How we feel about the HSC

    thats so weird. so many of you are losing weight. i eat when im stressed, and i use it as a tool for procrastination. needless to say, ive gained quite a bit of weight
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    getting sick right before the hsc starts?

    if you have a careers advisor at school you can go to them with a doctors certificate before the exam, and then u can file for illness/misadventure. im not quite sure what happens but our advisor said that they can take the internal mark and adjust and stuff if ur exam mark is lower than that...
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    Which exam are you most NOT looking forward to?

    English- adv paper 1 & 2 and ext1... im so glad i did ext2 english too. one of the only subjects that has no exam. plus thats 1 of the 2 uai english units out of the way! *hugs ext2* :D
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    ah, yes. the "back in the day all was easy, now its so hard line". my sisters have been giving it to me forever. from "shut up rachael! im studying for my hsc, that so much harder than whatever you're doing!" to "rachael, every uni exam is like the hsc a thousand times over" to "my god...
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    last years AoS HSC question

    hi guys, im doing imaginative journeys with my prescribed text as coleridge, and i was wondering if anyone could help me with last year's HSC question. "the journey matters, not the destination". we were given this at the beginning of the year, and although i can do other IJ essays easily, i...