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  1. Joo1

    Exam help - unseen questions

    Best way to practice for unseen questions is by practicing through unseen questions :) Familiarise yourself with putting yourself under time restrictions while doing HSC trial/HSC English papers with unseen texts, and over time and repetition you'll find yourself naturally improving and getting...
  2. Joo1

    ECONOMICS CASE STUDY China or Japan?

    Definitely China, there's so much on it in terms of economic development, growth, policies, statistics, as it is a constantly changing and developing country economically, whereas Japan is already sufficiently developed economic country with not too much changing compared to China.
  3. Joo1

    Straight up, what happens if I just don't complete work in year 10

    Year 10 is the preparation for Year 11, and Year 11 is the preparation for Year 12->HSC, so I recommend to complete set work to even just build the habit of completing things on time, if you laze around and don't do ANY work, sure you can hit a strike of motivation in Year 11 or 12 but it...
  4. Joo1

    Economics guide

    If you understand everything in your Year 12 lessons you won't need Year 11 content revision.