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    Thanks bae

    Thanks bae
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    Biology final rush

    Too bad you aren't first in biology BITCH
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    ATAR Estimate Please!!!

    Hey guys, can you please give me an ATAR estimate? Any help would be appreciated :) Overall Ranking: - English advanced 9/53 - Chemistry 2/23 - Physics 2/38 - Biology 1/30 - Maths 2U 3/57 (including 4U students who are ranked above me) - Maths 3U 4/27 (including 3 4U students above me)...
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    Can I have both a VTAC and UAC application?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what would happen if I pay for both VTAC and UAC applications. Will one affect the other? I am moving to Melbourne with my family so I wondering if I am putting my VTAC application at risk by also applying to NSW universities through UAC. Any help would be...
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    Which BOSER or person you know will get the highest aggregate in the state?

    Most likely mandarren. A true inspiration guys :)
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    How to Ace english trails! 3 easy steps.

    Yeah! He told me he could see into the future and that I was capable of getting 99.95 ATAR. I'm very, very optimistic. He is never wrong ;) EDIT: 99.95 ATAR
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    How to Ace english trails! 3 easy steps.

    My God. He is so sexy. I find him very attractive and I have met him before. I touched his hand. I have never washed my hands after that. His profile picture is a symbol of his awesomeness as a person. Once again, I repeat. He is soooooo hot :O P.S. This is so not him
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    Rude. Too rude

    Rude. Too rude
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    Hey faggot :) So your aim is 97 ATAR and to study Law and International Stusies at UTS? GL HF...

    Hey faggot :) So your aim is 97 ATAR and to study Law and International Stusies at UTS? GL HF lol. I wish I can have high hopes and aims like you :( #Ishouldkillmyself #ToBeOrNotToBe
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    is recording a reading of your notes good?

    Don't bother. Your voice is terrible , hun. :D
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    Can anyone help me with the Water Loss Adaptations for Plants assignment?!

    Hi guys. I would appreciate any help from you guys concerning this assignment. I'm having difficulty finding any resources for my bibliography concerning this freaking task. In case you wonder, the 4 species I'm currently researching are Banksia, Callistemon, Grevillea, and Melaleuca. I really...
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    MB 3.15 - Plants adaptations to climate and minimisation of water loss (video)

    Hi, do you have any idea where we can get resources for my bibliography? I'm really struggling with this assignment and I can't find anything online! Any help would be appreciated :)