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    Advance science at UNSW or USYD

    ok so, this is what i want to do, but i'm not too sure whether usyd or unsw is better! i mean, the uai/atar difference is only 3 - so that doesn't really prove much. any suggestions?
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    How did you go lovelies?

    does anyone know when exhibition selection letters will come out? cause i know the performance selection letters (for nominated groups) have been sent out already.
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    we got the letter today. excitemeeeennnnnt! being nominated feels good enough!
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    yuck yuck yuck religion = insane failure.

    yuck yuck yuck religion = insane failure.
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    Fatima Zahra ?

    our class is totally gonna fail this topic. stupid leclerc wont even help us. hi ahona :)
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    Fatima Al Zahra .. Yeeesssss ..

    Has ANYONE ever researched her .. Ever !? Right now it's feeling as if our class would be the first, and we're failing ever so miserably at the whole 'research' portion of the "contributions to Islam" dot point. So if anyone has anything that could help - like notes or something (because...