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  1. richashon

    Hair started falling out.

    I have that with my hair after covid. I save myself with zinc and omega
  2. richashon

    losing weight?

    I endlessly start and then I fall off again.
  3. richashon

    James Ruse entry application and interview tips and questions

    These questions are good, but I must admit that they are pretty basic. I've recently changed my job and I was surprised to see that everything is different compared to how I used to know this domain.
  4. richashon

    anyone know of good math tutors for accelerated math students??

    Now you can find a lot of online tutors on the Internet. I've seen enough qualified ones.
  5. richashon

    Discursive Writing Structure - Potato Graphics, Helpful Content 😂

    Nice to see these opportunities! Thx!