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    Freeware games

    Go to for some fairly awesome, full-length games (mostly from the 90s), sorted by genre. Beneath a Steel Sky is a fantastic free adventure game there if you're looking for a starting point!
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    Who Wants to Go to "JAPAN"?

    I really want to go, if only to see giant evangelions walking the streets of Tokyo
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    Growing taller..

    Use milk as your bongwater, before every basketball match. I'm 8'2"
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    First Year - Court Observation Assignment

    So... we have our first assignment, court observation, to do during midsem break, and I think it deserves a thread (perhaps I'm wrong and deserve a ban though :burn:). So, a few things to discuss - * How are you meant to make a deep and meaningful analysis of a court observation in under 800...
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    Harry Potter 7: Two Films

    Where do you think it will be split? I was reading afew commentaries and I see only two options... The first is to end it on a moment of suspense - when they accidentally say "Voldermort", and the people apparate around them and say "GTFO". This has the advantage that most films would want...
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    UNSW O-Week

    How did everyone find the first day? Here is my review... The introductory lectures and faculty welcome for arts were nothing you couldn't have read online...but I suppose its nice to see it all. The queues for arc membership and student cards were absolutely ridiculous! The arc membership came...
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    Gossip Girl

    Blair + Jenny getting together would blow my mind.
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    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    I'll agree flyhawk, that was a bad-ass scene, but sarah and and her son are played by completely wooden actors, the story is uninvolving especially as you have more time to think about the ridiculous time-travel element and the action sequences are very predictable. Missable.
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    UNSW Clubs - What are you going to join.

    Great link, wow! :uhhuh: Debating is a big definite, as well as law society, law revue, tennis within the sports association and a jazz band within the music society... but then there are so many others that I'm sure will suck me in with bright advertising at O-week, like the chocolate society...
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    *Law students in 2008*

    Hi tegan :wave: (I saw you post in the other thread as well, but here seemed more logical...). I'm doing arts/law as well... arts electives will probably be philosophy/history/int'l relations. It's always been kinda my dream degree to get into so I'm pretty happy about it all. I don't know...
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    Future UNSW Students Rollcall

    I'm doing arts/law. anyone else?
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    Re: Dumbledore gay?? Why not juse use the room of requirement?
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    UAI? What do you think you would get as a UAI?

    My predicted UAI was 99 after the trials...all down hill from there :( I have completely fucked up several sections, started studying for most hsc subjects the night before or woken up early on the morning they're on to do like the first read over of notes from the trials. I think everyone...
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    Who is going to vote liberal?

    Excellent point. I find it disgusting (as implied by the title of the thread) that most young people today "assume" that anyone with half a brain will vote labor. It IS the popular thing for young people to be howard-bashing, thinking its "time for change". Most young people are horribly...
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    Predictions for Essays

    The most likely 5... Global aus (always pops up) Global economy other than Aus (always pops up) Inflation (teacher tipped it, seems to come every few years and is topical) Labour Market/Unemployment (as for inflation) Environment (topical) And with the last 3 they will of course be able to...
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    Retreat from the Global

    How did the RFTGers find this section? I think the essay could not have been any easier... very easy to use the wording of the question as a structure for a superscript answer. The creative, however... Very random stimulus :bomb: It didn't resemble anything I've vaguely done, as I tend to...
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    Retreat From The Global

    I have probably 3 forests worth of RFTG material in my house...oh the irony. And we're discussing it on the interwebs, aswell... Good luck people! Are most people just going in to the creative with afew scenarios in mind? How many theory quotes in the essays?
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    Supplementary Material - Retreat From the Global

    I actually saw the weeping camel in cinemas....god I'm sad.... Does anyone think they'll be penalised for using common RFTG texts (in my case, specifically, big yellow taxi) if their argument and examples are relatively original and well-expressed? I'm worried that a lamp goes off in the head...
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    Radio Drama

    I did a radio drama for the hsc this year (07) I used a CeltX as my scriptwriting program, and Audacity as my sound recording program (google em if you want to start getting into it). Your threat is a bit general ("Any tips")...maybe send me a PM and i can tell you more about what goes into...
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    Exam Q1 - modernism vs post modernism

    The modernism VS post modernism arguement can be really interesting, and get you a lot of marks if handled well and relates to the question/source. In some ways the limits of empiricism and the historical schools that challenge it is what the topic is all about. But then again...odds are on...