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  1. esieff

    onstage nom's for non-performance IPs?

    Yeah, my buddy from our class of 3 got nominated for his poster and promotions. Not surprised though. You should have seen it. Fuckin amazing it was. But thats what you get when you put an artisitc Photoshop-NERD together with a whole bunch of personal time spent doing research and development...
  2. esieff

    policy graphs

    Graphs are overrated. They are not a necessity in an essay - and you're not gonna impress anyone by chucking one in just for the sake of it. They are only worthwhile if you are incapable of properly describing events in words, and then you can demonstrate it graphically. For a topic like micro...
  3. esieff

    What was your GP about?

    We had a group of three lads (our entire drama class) and we all started off IN suitcases. Now for our little guy, this wasnt so tough, but im it was a bit more of a challenge. Anyways, we're in our suitcases, on a plane, and when the business-man guy takes his "very important phone...
  4. esieff

    New IR changes - divine advice from above (advice line)

    well what you ACTUALLY want to do is jump on the nice shiny WorkChoices website and order as many free WorkChoices booklets as can be jammed into your letterbox. they are, after all, complementary. then you can read the govt. propaganda contained within, or preferably, burn them. p.s i'm not...
  5. esieff

    What goes in a drama essay???

    How can you not have done a Drama essay before?? I mean, it's not your fault - it's the system. But that seems completely illogical that your school/teachers would not give you any practise at written responses considering their importance in your final mark. Our teacher has been a nazi about...
  6. esieff

    Anyone for Ecos-talk?

    Hey guys and gals - I got the week to wait before Ecos. And I am really lacking any sense of motivation to go grab my textbook and do some study (which isn't that unusual for me lol). The fact is I'm a talker rather than a writer - that's how I learn best. So if any fellow Ecos-students would...
  7. esieff

    guys in drama???

    Our N.C 2005 Drama Class consisted of three dudes - all completely differring in skills and physicality - seriously we went tall through to short, fat through to skinny. It was like the Three Amigoes, thespian style. And it was completely awesome.
  8. esieff

    ...the remaining 40%

    Come on guys and gals, it's really not worth stressing over drama. If you've got half a brain you can write a top-mark drama essay - just check out the standards packages. Our pressure time was g.p and i.p due dates, this is simply the final hurrah. Please please don't stress, you'll do your...
  9. esieff

    Unofficial HSC Advice Line Closes Doors...

    Well I must add my thanks to Tim and Ralph who gave me a shot on this Advice Line after I bagged the shit out of it in the beginning, and then realised how good it could actually be. Cheers to Tim for being the head-organiser-inchief dude and to Ralph for handling all those maths nerds who were...
  10. esieff

    melboune cup vs. IPT exam

    On the 11th Hour, on the 11th Day, of the 11th Month - Rememberance Day - instead of observing a minute's silence for all those who died in battle, I will be dutifully writing myself to a standstill in my Economics exam. Sure, I'll be silent and everything, but it's hardly the same thing. And...
  11. esieff

    There is no more maths!!!!!!!!!!

    Good riddance to bad mathematical rubbish.
  12. esieff

    what courses are ppl doing at uni?

    I wanna be a combined law wanker! Hooray! Yeah my preferences are all Combined Law/Media Communications around all the Unis in Sydney - with a good ol' Bachelor of Arts at Uni of Sydney there as the little safety course just in case things go badly...which so far, is looking more than possible :)
  13. esieff

    When you finish you last exam you are....

    Pass around my trusty hip flask with my fellow thespians, standing on the steps of our school hall, after walking from Drama - the last HSC exam for 2005. Then it's off to Bill's house for my first cones in over 2 months :)
  14. esieff

    Good alternative HSC Advice

    Hey, I didn't start the thread!
  15. esieff

    im procrastinating. join in

    Down at the Advice Line you can help us help you procrastinate, and in turn help us to procrastinate! That's right! Everybody wins down at The Unofficial HSC Advice Line. Unfortunately, due to the abundance of winners, we are currently out of prizes.
  16. esieff

    Good alternative HSC Advice

    Well I find myself very useful. :) I discovered from an early age that I had the ability to do many things, and increasingly so. Amazing isn't it? Jeez, we're not miracle workers down here at the Advice Line - but if you've got something that's troubling you, or a question's got you stumped -...
  17. esieff

    2005 HSC-Harder than previous

    You guys shouldnt be finding it too hard - after all, you've all got a massive advantage on past years. You've got The Unofficial HSC Advice Line!
  18. esieff

    Unofficial HSC Advice Line (As Requested by Kimmeh)

    Umm, I'm not expert in UAI calculation. But jesus to get band 1 in english you'd have to be bloody illiterate. Writing a couple of paragraphs would get you more than band 1...
  19. esieff

    What are you going to do if your UAI = crap?

    PLAN B: choose a random sport like rifle shooting and practise for hours on end every single day - you do, after all, have some time on your hands. After all this practise, you're either gonna get really good and make the Australian Commonwealth Games Team, or get seriously depressed at how shit...
  20. esieff

    Subjects that you regret doing

    In terms of work proportional to the mark you get at the end - Drama was a huuuge bummer. I put more hours into Drama this year than any other subject and STILL it's gonna scale me to the shit. No justice for us people who follow our passions rather than conform to more 'intellectual' courses -...