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  1. Jexi

    General Thoughts On The Exam

    God Bless BRW :) Best magazine ever. Saved my ass on numerous occassions I believe :)
  2. Jexi

    IMF- influence for Australia?

    IMF does give Australia that report (forgot the name) which analyses the Australian Economy everyyear and also gives us a structural adjustment policy thing. And a lot of investors look at what IMF have to say about a country. So I s'ppose in that sense, it does affect the Australian Economy in...
  3. Jexi

    Section 1: Multiple Choice

    Me too. But all the answers didn't make sense :| But I did it via process of elimination (some how).
  4. Jexi

    General Thoughts On The Exam

    I loved it. I would do it again and again (well not really). But yea some of the questions were tricky...:S I just hope they buy it :P
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    No its not. Sales - COGS = Gross Profit Gross Profit - Expenses = Net Profit.
  6. Jexi

    2003 - answer help!

    (a) Outline ONE employment relations strategy that Watermelon Electronics could use to overcome the problem of a shortage of skilled labour. Such strategy can include a thorough training program to help train locals. (b) Compare TWO types of organisational structure that Watermelon...
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    Yea am curious too. Its like trying to sqeeze the wholecourse into 1000 word essay :| I would prolly say: -. Microreform -. Tariff Reductions -. all the other things we've done in response to fre trade and globalisation And then tackle our objectives: - economic growth – 14 years...
  8. Jexi

    how prepared r u for wednesday?

    Yea i've gone through all 5 topics now. Syllabus in my head. Just need to do some short answer questions and more essay plans. And maybe get rid of this headache. And read BRW/casestudies one more time. And brace myself for wednesday. I hope they don't throw something random and horrible at us.
  9. Jexi

    Case study question

    It may interest you to know that when they pick out these sample responses for the standards package and all, they've very rushed (last day before the marking centre shuts down) and they just find the first one from the pile. So unsually at times their high responses are not the best example of...
  10. Jexi

    Difference Between Current and Non-Current...

    Current Assets/Liabilities are basically things 12 months or under. Non-Currents are over 12 months. So basically say a Machinery would not be Current because its not going to rot in 12 months time or less. A Mortgage or loan is usually Non-Current however sometimes they may say that the loan...
  11. Jexi

    Financial Statements

    P/L statements are also known as The Statement of Financial Performance. And your assets/oe/liability statemetns are also known as Statement Of Financial Position. Darn it, I wish they would just make up their minds about these names.
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    There is a formula for COGS? Isn't just purchases + freight ect ect? oh the accounting equation? A = L + OE
  13. Jexi

    Income ineqialiy and micro

    Microeconomic reform is aimed to achieve efficiency. With things such as labour market reforms, it aims to provide incentives for labor to move to efficient areas. During this process there is bound to be structural and frictional unemployment. And if you look at history, we've gone less equal...
  14. Jexi

    ER affected by IR Reform?

    From a business POV, the current proposals aren't going to much of a relevant thing because they haven't been implemented yet. From an economic view though, its life and death. So really, you don't need to know it. But yes if you want to go that extra mile.
  15. Jexi

    Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio?

    Guys, if you mathematically work it out: eg. ac/receivable = $60 sales = $350 Formula one: AccR/(Sales/365) This would equal to: 60/(350/365) = 62.57 Formula two: 365 / (sales/ AccR) This would equal to: 365 / (350/60) = 62.57 Therefore the two formulas are the same really
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    Bored of Business Studies

    Its okay after awhile. Well the case studies part is fun. But yea the content :| Shady stuff.
  17. Jexi

    recent news on India and Globalisation?

    oops. Sorry. I meant the BRW magazine. All hail BRW.
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    Case Study: Ethical and Legal Aspects

    Totally. Here are great articles about it:,8599,201871,00.html,8599,263006,00.html Ha I dont know why but corrupted companies makes business studies way more fun...
  19. Jexi

    Bank Bills

    haha I'll try not to confuse you. _______________ James and Andrew are in trade. Andrew owes $50 to James. Andrew goes to the bank to ask for a bank bill. Bank looks at Andrew's financial position. And say the bank is convinced that Andrew can pay back the $50 in 90 days...
  20. Jexi

    wat should we knoe

    Everything? The bare minimum is the syllabus I think but yea :s everything?