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    2023 HSC chat

    ohhh ok thank you!
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    Atar estimate please!

    I would say definitely 80+ even 85+
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    2023 HSC chat

    We are doing labour market rn and after this will be monetary policy, then we officially finished the entire HSC economics course...My knowledge is pretty mid just like everyone, good at the thing when we are doing it, and forget everything immediately after we move to next topic 💀 💆‍♀️
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    2023 HSC chat

    Anyone got any tips for preparation for trials? I have no idea what should I do for economics and geography...AND ENGLISH:/
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    2023 HSC chat

    My school's trial will start from week 2 next term so some time around August omg so stressed bruh
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    FREE oral prac/essay marking for Chinese

    Ik it's getting closer to trials and especially every language students are preparing for their oral speaking test... work their ass off lol I am doing Chinese and Literature and I feel like there are plenty of kids need help since you can't rlly find much resources online for languages So: I...
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    Are morning classes worth it ?

    I guess as long as it doesn't affect your attendance...SKIP ALL
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    A band 6 student exemplar discursive essay(from matrix)

    Should be a good resource for other english students as well Update:just found out it's on matrix's website but anyway use it 💀 💆‍♀️
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    An extended response on Erlking(Erlkonig) by Schubert

    Received 10/10 I am not doing music for HSC but I love music so the people who are looking at this essay... please keep going!
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    Prelim yearly -essay plan on human activity-use of natural resources(overfishing)

    An prelim yearly exam essay, got 18/20, ranked 2nd in the yearly Question is Examine at least three economic and/or political issues related to the use of natural resources, their ownership and management A tip for any social science subjects' essay is it has to be clearly structured!make...
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    YR11 Senior geography project(SGP)

    Can't really remember my mark but should be something around 15/20 It is a good example for ideas but bad one for formatting, please don't do something like this. A study on how the restaurants within the northshore have been affected by Covid and how these problems were solved/being solved.
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    😂😭randomly scrolling
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    cuz we r from same school🤣and we might even have same teachers
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    wow thanks the info is very useful since im from the same school haha especially the econ🤣just pretty much depends on who the teacher is
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    ykw it actually could be the case cuz ik my school sets hard paper for some subjects particular as well so yeah
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    I knee it's gonna be u the BOS hero jimmy!! tysm and do u hv any idea how should i prepare for econ and geo?like social science subjects in general
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    I am aiming for a 85+ atar (if it's possible lol...I only need a 80+ but bit more than 80 is always wanted)
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    Atar estimate/need advices for trial

    Hi guys I just received my semester 1 report, I go to a school ranked around 60 These are my results: Econ:AT 1&2- 80% cumulative ranked 15/58 (in context we had 12 band 6 last year) Geo:AT 1&2 -around 77% cumulative ranked 4/15 (idk how many b6s are there) Chinese&Literature: AT1&2 around 93%...
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    extracurricular for uni application

    Yeah but like what does that to do with extracurricular activities(if this person is not in the of EAS group/gateway school)