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    FINS electives; wealth or SAV?

    - keeping in mind that I'm neutral (no preference on content) between both subjects, should I do wealth mgmt or SAV? - if I only plan on using my accounting major in the future, will doing either subjects make a difference to me? - I'm also doing ACF next semester, will doing SAV be a bit too...
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    The UNSW Textbook Buy/Sell Thread

    Selling - MGMT1101 Title: Global Business Today - Asia Pacific Edition 2ED Author: Hill Price: $65 - LEGT2751 Title: Australian Tax Casebook 11ED Author: Barkoczy Price: $60
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    Internal Transfer?

    it depends on the demand and supply because there have been people who have gotten in with a WAM of 74 in the past. but with that being said, commerce is really competitive nowadays and you probably won't make it unless you have at least 75
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    LEGT2751 assignment

    yeah, pretty sure it's you lol. we went tutoring together during HSC how did you deal with the capital gains? did you just subtract 4k from the 10k?
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    LEGT2751 assignment

    hey I recognise you :) are you finished with the assignment yet?
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    LEGT2751 assignment

    anyone doing the assignment right nowwwwwww? regardless, I have an issue with my assignment that I can't find the answer to anywhere on the internet. so please help !! these are the amounts that I have: capital gain on collectible of $10,960 capital gain on shares of $6,810 net...
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    Is anyone here familiar with footnote referencing style?

    in that case, you would just reference the original source (i.e. whatever is in the footnote)
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    Quiz for ECON1202

    lol, I'm pretty sure lecturer would have mentioned the one hour time limit thing. the questions are in the same style but they have different numbers
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    2013 Chinese rollcall

    NO, she is NOT a good lecturer or tutor. Her teaching methods suck!!!! I have her for one of my subjects this semester and OMG she is sooooooooo freaking useless. Every tutorial, she just sits there silently while the class leads the tutorial. She doesn't even try contribute to our discussions...
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    UNSW Chatter Thread 2013

    Re: Semester 1 UNSW Chatter Thread 2013 has anyone done Diploma of Professional Practice before? what does it involve, does it increase your workload by a lot
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    2013 Chinese rollcall

    lol who did you have some old guy? his hilarious
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    The UNSW Textbook Buy/Sell Thread

    Buying: LEGT2751 casebook Title: Australian Tax Casebook 11ED Author: Barkoczy PM if interested in selling
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    Old Runescape 2007

    freaking gayyy, I hear you have to pay to play the 07 version lol. stupid jagex trying to scab off us
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    O-Week Extreme

    what is o-week extreme?
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    UNSW Chatter Thread 2013

    Re: Semester 1 UNSW Chatter Thread 2013 I'm selling micro
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    Quick question (probably stupid one)

    yes, it's okay. but it's ideal to pet them at the end of the week because you have tests/assignments due during the tutorials
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    Got rejectied twice from Maccas and KFC, WTF

    is it because you failed their customer service or whatever quiz? lol
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    Did not received offer Main Round

    have to wait, you were supposed to apply before the 4th if you wanted to be considered for main rounds
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    Full list of offers?

    someone scan in please :)
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    2013 UNSW Offers

    ^ yes otherwise you'd have to pay that amt upfront