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    Year 12 PiCS

    ha they went to my school
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    What were funniest momentf of your HSC

    haha i know reddogg aka glenn sonego
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    bf/gf on schoolies?!?!?!?!!

    ha youre such a ditz
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    And soon, only 11 angry men...

    Theyre hung?
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    Tourist bashing in byron

    The numbers arent in your odds either, no one is gonna give a shit if u get bashed and no one is gonna hesitate to bash u either. Same goes in nimbin.
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    Byron 19th to 26th (Very First Week Only)

    yeh good one fag
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    What am I still doing up?

    u got up at 5:30 to get ready
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    over 4 000 r u doin
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    hey i already burned my journeys booklet too
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    What am I still doing up?

    WTF were u doin up so early
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    does everyone else go shit in section one? or just me?

    yeh good one i got 9/15 6/15 6/15 so english musn't be your thing
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    You know what sucks?

    If you were smart u wouldve rearranged your sleeping times over the last three weeks so that you stayed awake from about 4am till 7pm then you wouldnt have to worry about being tired after a shitty sleep just a few hours earlier...u really r stupid
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    Age Difference

    A study by Floyd Martinson found that 10-15% of college students had had a childhood sexual experience with a brother or sister yeh little kids r cool
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    studying, how much

    you guys r crazy. 5+ hours a day. 1500+ posts on this site. you have probably spent more time posting than i have posting and studying combined....i think this is my 2nd post and second time on this site, day before hsc
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    Why am i not scared?

    goan_crazy Posts: 4,149 WTF