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    The highest uai obtained by a blonde person

    that thread was the msot hilarious thread in the whoel BOS!
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    The highest uai obtained by a blonde person

    ther are realli pretty blonde girl who got realli realli good. She was in the newspaper. Ther was a forum here about her, but i pretty sure it got pulled down cause guys had no d-- control... Go the blondes
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    do u get anything for uai above 90?

    10000 people out of 60000 approx got uai ova 90s, i seriously doubt. If it is, we are the f-- smartest state in the f-- world
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    parents gifts for getting good in hsc ? or no gifts :(

    got to hold my teachers hand. that was radical, ps shes so f-- hot
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    parents gifts for getting good in hsc ? or no gifts :(

    feel sorry for ya. Yhe u gotta hav fun in the last year, i enjoyed the last year n gettin a uai of 83 uai jus tops it off. I rather have fun then get a uai of 99. This is last year of scool, spend time wif ur friends n do crazy sh--. u neva get another chance at it ... studyin hard n gettin uai...
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    Your SC marks vs your HSc marks which did you do better in ?

    SC - na for everythin HSC - uai ova 80 wat can i say. jus forget the pass n u'll do fine
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    Standard English + UAI

    quote to shell= that blloody crazy if eng stand was ur highest n u got that uai. My friends got mad hsc marks but sh-- uai. impressive
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    Ur UAI and the desired Course!

    haha ur champ, im gonna look it up ther. My family would finally love me if i did medicine liek the rest of them. Nah jokes f-- off i neva do that i love economics. i jus put it ther to make my parents happy
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    Anyone doing teaching?

    guys who want hot lady teachers, go to la salle bankstown. I mean the teacher ther are so good lookin they rate 10 out of 10 in my hot-to-meter. Seriosuly hot teachers at my scool but dun expect any respect from students
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    To the guy who posted the topic that 2u maths paper was easy...

    i got 82, that appears to be the lowest so far. I couldn't fo sworn they marked my paper wrong. if correctly it scaled me up approx 15 marks.
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    same course different uni...wats the diff?

    usyd has hottest, smartest n nicest chix, thats why the uai are higher, trust me =-)
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    Which subject is everyone pissed off about?

    BEST SUBJECT ENTERTAINMENT, easiest sh-- in the world. Had a lecture wif my teacher for 1 hour n i knew everythin. No study got 90 for it ... crappest subject in the world is music. Well music is good but dun do it in any de la salle scools. dodgy teachers liek crazy! she onli knows how to play...
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    DAILY TELEGRAPH - Top 200 schools

    i would also like to know the scool taht came last or second last or above 200.
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    Parents Reaction to UAI marks

    man i got 83.5 uai n my bro n sis goes im gonna kik ur ass. I provided good motivation for my bros n sis. They mostly like to beat since they go to those good scools no near bankstown for e.g. de la salle bansktown, too many hot teachers, stop sendin them ther, its a whole! they deserve better...
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    Ur UAI and the desired Course!

    My uai: 83.5 My desired course: b law at usyd:99 point somethin med sciece at usyd: 99 poin somethin Now the more realistic side if i actualyl get in thru some sort of fluke, probably b social science at usyd or unsw which are around 80-81. Who knows i mite get law or med science =-)
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    What UAI did you get?

    i agree wif pickiin up sor, Its easy as. All u do is get the syllabus n plan ur essay. it took me 4 days to study for. Pretty easy for not doin any work thru out the year. Managed a 45-50 easily. Only downside is make sure u do your assessment, my assessment mark was at a poorly 37 which...
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    Did Anyone Else Get Higher Uai Then They Deserve?

    that almost impossible man, i rekcon they miscalculated. Haha u were a lucky one like my cousin. his the dumbest f-- int he world and ended up wif a uai of 87, not as high as u but probably a bit similar marks to u. He however went to a top ranked scool so i guess that helps u heaps
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    Recalculating UAI

    i feel for u 'madabtu'. im pretty sure u got robbed, u definitely deserve higher uai, even if u do go to a s-- scool, it can't affect it that much, i go to a sh-- scool n do sh-- subjects then u but i got uai of 83.5. that s-- whacked
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    Go Penrith High!

    go de la salle bansktown, dunno how many time i have post this in other threads
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    The kid's HSC journey,..from a bludger to a 93.05'ian

    that bs, bankstown is a cursed place, but u gotta love it cause everytin is so cheap n u can get anythin illegal =-)