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    Selection of Pens

    I usually find my gold-encrusted Parker pen is brilliant for exams.
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    Teacher bias

    But what? I'm sick of people whinging about the reasons for their failures, trying to find scapegoats in others because they've failed to do the work themselves. It is about bloody time that people start taking responsibility for themselves, not blaming teacher's favouratism or biasness or some...
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    I'm not sure he is capable. Hye Class's notes, if he has any at all, are littered with homophobic rambling on various insignificant topics.
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    3 Speeches Wtffffff

    Given the ease of the question, it can only be expected that they ask three speeches. I mean they practically asked "What makes a speech good?" How fucking easy is that....for christ sake....stop whinging. And seeing that juju seems to like prowling these forums with her acerebral rantings, she...
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    Adv. English is a joke

    I completely agree with thomas_hb. English is no longer about learning the constructs of the language and exploring the real issues of texts; rather its about applying obscure postmodernist concepts to random things and memorising essays. I ranked 1st overall at my school, but I wasn't very...
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    Offical Death of Writing Hands Thread

    someone's been under a rock....
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    If you cheat, you ultimately deserve humiliation and embarrassment. There is just no excuse that can justify cheating.
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    lazy students?!?

    Moreover, why even go to school?
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    Or rather, a person who has nothing intelligent to contribute.
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    Year 11 - A Waste Of Time?

    Not quite. You aren't getting raped. Prelim is's practice. It doesn't mean you shouldn't try, because the principles of study and work you adopt in Year 11 will mostly likely carry forth into Year 12.
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    To appropriate Thackeray's quote: "trolls will be trolls"
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    If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong

    "The Prophet established women's rights to property and inheritance 1,300 before Europeans did." - Zahid This does not disguise the reality of 2005 where women are oppressed and treated like sexual objects under harsh, uncompromising Islamic principles.
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    Offical Death of Writing Hands Thread

    My hand only hurts immediately after the exam. However, the better I know the exam material, the less I have to frantically panic and kill my hand in the process.
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    Because he realised that he lost, perhaps..... ....and that he is an idiot.
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    what courses are ppl doing at uni?

    True, I suppose. But let's not forget about Dr Patel in Queensland and that terrible debacle.
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    Im in year 11, (year 12 now) few questions

    The important thing with the histories is to know your sources and evidence WELL. And practice essay writing can only help you in the long run....especially if you boost your rank and get into the 80s.
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    You couldn't have put it better.
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    what courses are ppl doing at uni?

    But given the significance of doctors in the health system, i.e. deciding between life and death of patients, you'd only want attract the absolute best, hence the very high price of the degree and the high UAI.
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    what courses are ppl doing at uni?

    It just shows what a bit of work can achieve....whether you are a full-fee paying or CSP student.
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    Modern History Exam Thoughts (merged)

    Well degrees of difficulty are in the eye of the beholder. However, generally a lack of preparation is the reason.