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    Pre-Exam Thoughts

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering when we have to work out the excess of a substance in a reaction apart from pH or titration questions, if any. Thanks!
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    Exam thoughts?

    I thought the exam was pretty easy to be honest. WWI was pretty easy, the multiple choice were a bit tricky but not too hard overall. Germany questions were good, I only properly studied Weimar Republic so I answered the question on the impact of the German army on the collapse of Weimar...
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    Ranking affecting HSC

    If I was 2nd in my cohort in maths before trials but then really flunked trials and dropped down to 16.... is that going to affect my HSC a lot? I studied really hard for my hsc exam and I just want it to pay off!
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    Should I drop down to 11 units?

    Yes, you should drop down to 11 units especially since you don't enjoy SOR. I was doing 12 units but I hated legal and it was my worst subject by far (10 marks lower than my next worst subject) so I dropped it after keeping it until the end of term 1. Best decision I ever made; used my study...
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    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    I did a line graph since it was showing the effectiveness of the vaccine over time but Im not sure if that will be considered 'suitable' :(
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    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    was anyone else confused by the mutated aldosterone gene question? that one really threw me off and I wasn't sure how to answer it. Were they hinting to beadle and Tatums experiment?? how did everyone else find it?