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    Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of Laws

    Your course is still available the way it was except now the univeristy has chosen you electives from a commerce background. This is in line with the more established uni's
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    General Thoughts On The Exam

    Business Studies Extremely easy, what a great exam.....20 pages for each question. What sort of idiot wouldn't study a case study for E.R.
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    business studies websites
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    Ancient History Text books

    Antiquity 2: Hurley, Medcalf, Ralph its much better, dont judge it on antiquity one
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    Class of 05 - What are your topics?

    New Kingdom egypt from amenhotep 3rd to the death of ramsees II can you recommend a good text?
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    new kingdom egypt from amenhotep III to Ramsees II

    Can anyone recommend a thorough text that is good and covers New Kingdom Egypt From Amenhotep the third to ramsees the second in detail?
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    new hsc students, how do u feel?

    Please reply if you can make recommendations to... [can anyonr recommend a good text for new kingdom egypt frpm amenhotep the third to the death of ramsees ii?