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    Iemma to face possible suspension

    per his popularity: he was elected with only a 30% approval rating, and i can only surmise that it has gone downhill since then
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    School bars same-sex partners at formals

    damnit, the ^response really loses some of its impmact when u see it at the top of the next page
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    School bars same-sex partners at formals

    while i think u should be able to root whichever sex you want, i think its a bit silly for students to be in such an uproar about it their school not digging same sex partners. i mean, it is a religious school? wasnt this sort of, foreseeable? ps im mad whacked sorry if that doesnt make sense
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    Dogs and unborn pups operated on, then killed - Melbourne University.

    yeah, exactly. i bet no one complaining in this thread has ever stepped on an ant or swatted a fly either. animal rights dont extend that far, huh? its only "zogm, poor animals" when its a cute kitty or a puppy dog like the one they got for christmas.
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    Dogs and unborn pups operated on, then killed - Melbourne University.

    how else do you want vets to learn how to operate, you fucking retards? next time a vet successfully saves your pets life in an operation, it will probably be because they undertook this sort of study.
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    Jail... If you don't send kids to school

    NSW is in a shamles and THIS is what Morris Dilemma spends his time and our money doing? fucking clown - worst premier nsw has ever had.
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    Chantal Sebire found dead at home

    sif u wouldnt just OD ledger style. imagine the oxycontin she could snort with a nose like that.
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    any other 07'ers

    missing their MW? :( i am. i guess i miss the whole process. also reminds me of that time in my life and i get all reminiscent. *reads mw and gets teary*
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    Are there any past EE2 students out there...

    PM it to me with a brief run down (sort of stuff you'd put in your RS). ps i can be brutal but i never give shit advice pps i got 49 in case you were wondering
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    Men banned from gym

    dear god not only do people think like this, it actually prevails sometimes!
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    Beheading in Saudi Arabia

    i love when barbaric islamic executions are justified
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    Turkey to initiate reform of Islam

    turkey has always been pretty moderate though
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    byron bay schoolies 2008

    Re: Byron Bay 2008: Best dates for schoolies rofl good luck champ i saw the best, lasered fakies ever to come out of the shire get picked in about half a second by every bouncer up there. you are best off trying to find a look alike and memorising the details, but even they fail most bouncers...
  14. J

    G-Spot found by Scientists

    for some reason i imagined some italian nerd picking up a chick at a bar and asking if she would like to go back to his place for a simple, rapid and inexpensive test to find her g spot rofl
  15. J

    schoolies 08

    haha how the hell do you know? i went there for schoolies last year and there was none of that at all. byron is great.
  16. J

    byron bay schoolies 2008

    Re: Byron Bay 2008: Best dates for schoolies dont listen to this chump^ byron was heaps of fun. here was my typical day in byron: 12pm-3pm: wake up from night before. have breakfast of beer and/or pizza 3pm-5pm: sunbake/swim in pool/drink/generally have a great time with your mates...
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    Official Apology Thread

    Re: Did you support Rudd's apology? the image on the news last night of the 6 year old girl saying "we said sorry to the aboriginal people...because...umm...other people took...took their children away...and it was we said sorry...and it's good" was fucking disgusting. i nearly threw up.
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    does anyone

    play in teh UPL?