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    whats the best way 2 ge ova sumone?

    I was once told the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else. Seeing as I am currently getting over someone myself, I have decided that advice is not true for me.. but for some SURE. Basically, do whatever it takes to keep you happy. Remember what it was you loved before...
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    Pregnancy / Periods

    yes. a whole year ago.
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    im certain this has been asked before many times.. but....

    can BOS specify texts? ie, can they specify that you do a certain text from the stimulus booklet, or a coleridge poem? thanks everyone and good luck :D
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    King Lear - Peter Brooks Production

    hey, our class never got to actually study Brooks version but we've been advised to know it for HSC which is fair. If anyone has good notes or just a general solid understanding - feel free to help me out. i dont have specific questions i guess i just want some ideas on it. thanks :)
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    do we need to do promotion in directors or not? ive been focussing on all the other shit involved i didnt even think about promotion...