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    What were funniest momentf of your HSC

    funniest moment ever in business studies.... SOMEHOW a lizard had crawled into our hall and it was running round unknown to many. then i spied the lil bugger crawling up a girls leg a few seats up from me, but she didn't know it was on her cos she had jeans on. so i casually told the examiner...
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    Art Express?

    oh well, our school went completely budget this yr...6 of us have been sidelined(mines included), but i think the most someone who got in spent was $50, everyone who got in did paintings. i made 4 of my canvases with the school's supplies and bought the lst canvas from the discount store, max...
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    biology + english

    Yeh same here about the 'impact of mutations' Q, pdh stuff all the way. It sucked so much with bio the next morning tho...not enough time to study at all.
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    General thoughts on the whole English Adv. Paper 2

    Don't worry i wrote it as in straight essay format-what informal language?u just had to make it persuasive with ur point of view inserted every now and then. anyway who cares-no more english ever!i'd pre-prepared essays for emma/clueless and FL so i reckon i did okay on those ones...screwed on...
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    General thoughts on the whole English Adv. Paper 2

    THREE poems I did Mod B last and was completely SCREWED over with the three poems...i thought the Q was very open and didn't really specify a text type, so i just wrote it as a persausive argument/essay. All i did for poem no. 3 was insert a quote of it in line, comparing it to 1 of the other...