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    Any Ressies here?

    Hey R. It's Niki...ur New Res friend who defected to Arscott for a semester but is coming back...I came on here when I was doing my HSC, but only jump back on at the end/start of each year to see if i can help any of the new kids out :P ciao :)
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    Journalism and UC general

    I know nothing about Journalism at UC, so I'm not going to pretend to know...But in terms on the UC Bruce Campus (main campus in Bruce/Belconnen), it is quiet a lot smaller than ANU as there is considerably less students enrolled (I believe its about 10,000 students). This in itself makes UC a...
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    hey there...just thought id drop by & try & help you out a little. Most of the UC Ressies was privatised at the end of last year (07). to be honest, they are a little unorganised (the new company that is, which is CLV). students returning to UC Ressies only found out if they had a place a...
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    Things to do...

    randomly come to Unibar on a Thursday nite, after bout 10pm ($2 basics from 10-12am)... u will surely meet some randoms! haha :P
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    sports management

    im studying a bachelor of sports management @ the University of Canberrra. ive combined it with a bachelor of tourism management. i considered APM & Macleay, but nowadays you need more that a diploma etc, and plus the tourism adds more to my in Canberra we have access to the...
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    Our poor uni is lacking in activity :(

    I feel sorry for our UC part of BoredofStudies...its very neglected... so hows uni going 4 every1? i dont really know wat else 2 say...cept that im sick of ppl setting off fire alarms in res :P
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    im in new res! its fun...bit of partying, lots of fun! we had speed dating with UV the other nite - good times..
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    uc next year

    ressies move in 2moro! i move 2 canberra 4 the next 4 years 2moro!
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    distance from university..

    5 mins walk from my bed 2 the centre of uni :) edit...meh i dont go 2 unsw...dont know y i posted in here :P
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    uc next year

    from wat ive heard arscott is the party house :P
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    uc next year

    well there are 6 different residences.... College House International House Arscott House New Ressies Old Ressies & University Village... depends wat ur in new ressies n u live with 5 other ppl, so 6 ppl all 2gether... i dont know heaps bout them, but im sure...
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    PDHPE @ Wollongong.... ANYONE???

    my friend is although she doesnt come on this site...n i know a few ppl from my skool that r doin was my 3rd/4th pref...but i got my 1st :)
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    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    i got my 1st prefernce which is Bachelor of Sport Management/ Bachelor of Tourism Management @ University of Canberra.... the cut off was UAI was 86.35 :) very happy...n i get 2 stay on campus :)
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    2006 - whos going 2 b @ UC?

    i got my uni offer n accomodation ill b doing sport management/tourism management double (4 years) n staying on ressies - in new ressies 2 b exact :)
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    24 hours till UAC offers

    :) i just want time 2 hurry up so i can go out already!!!
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    Some USYD cutoffs are out

    wateva floats ur boat brogan :)
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    Some USYD cutoffs are out

    hehe....that was kinda funny....wat am i doin in this thread newayz?! lol....ive monitored it all day n none of my preferences r Usyd...but u guys have kept me amused...well not amused but not bored either :) good luck!
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    24 hours till UAC offers

    ah i know who piroette is now (or however u spell it!) like wat the...., sum1 knows my name?! hay siem! only 1 hour n 15 mins :)
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    HSC graduates

    i didnt c the BOS logo so i was doubley excited till i opened it! :wave:
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    24 hours till UAC offers

    3 n 1/2 hours :)