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    What Hotel Are You Staying At?

    I'm staying at The Shore apartments in week 2 on the GC. Anyone else staying there?
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    Anyone doing Graphics Design?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has applied to do B Arts Graphics Design at Wagga. Also, if any students currently doing the course could shed some light on what the course is like. Eg. Was it what you expected? What you like most? What you dislike? etc. Thanks heaps.
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    Bachelor Of Clinical Practice (Paramedic)

    I've applied, and have it listed as my top preference at the moment, although I may change that soon. No one else from my school applied for it, or seemed interested in CSU at all really lol.
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    Early Entry

    Yeah got mine in the mail today. Got accepted for B Arts Graphics Design at Wagga. Hmmm not sure about preferences now, definately a spanner in the works. Grats to all others who got accepted.
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    How did everyone go?

    What was the go with the question that had something about "scientific ideas", then it had a table with "artificial limb", "AM/FM radio" and something else, with 2 marks for each? What did they mean by scientific ideas lol? What did you guys put?
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    Multiple Choice; What did you put?

    Yep just googled 6, pretty sure the answer is A, which is not what I put! I was kinda thinking of capillaries bringing CO2 to the lungs. Stupid mistake! oh well.
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    Multiple Choice; What did you put?

    Multiple choice was probably the hardest part of the exam, a lot of questions I was uncertain about. Mine were: 1) B - Not sure 2) A 3) C 4) D 5) D - Not sure 6) B - Pretty sure capillaries don't absorb oxygen, maybe? lol 7) B 8) B - not 100% 9) B 10) B - Not sure 11) A 12) B 13) B - Wasn't...
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    Who Wants Some GOOD Notes?!?!

    Sure I'd love some :) thanks.
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    Section II - Short Answer

    Re: Business Studies Section II: Short Answer Yeah I put Pay rates and Worker Entitlements (e.g. Leave). Think that sounds about right, maybe? lol.