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    I didn't like Cha Cha Cha, but if I had to decide which had to win - Finland or Sweden, I would have picked Finland. It was creative and wacky in the way Eurovision should be, and singing in one's own native language is always a bonus. I remember watching the UK's performance. As soon as I saw...
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    Subject Selection

    None of those have brilliant scaling, but if you're dead set on having the 99.95 combination of 10 units only when you are in Year 12 you don't need to put too much thought about scaling with the remaining other subjects you've listed, since you'll be dropping them anyway. Though you seem like a...
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    English Tutoring Places / Private Tutor Recommendation

    You should definitely try QED Education in Parramatta if you are planning to do group tutoring. They are probably one of the few (alongside Delta and JP) that provide high quality English tutoring. The classes are very small so personalised feedback and attention is definitely what they will be...
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    trial papers? (The solutions are available on AceHSC as a separate document, just go to the site and filter for EES). THSC also has papers but they are all of the old syllabus, but I'm sure there would still be questions in them relevant to...
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    Zhang's Chemistry Notes

    Doesn't Zhang's have a free trial? Book a trial will them and you'll be able to receive some of their materials. Otherwise other Zhang's students might be happy to oblige.
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    MX2 Difficulty

    Both were harder, but not necessarily 'hard'. I think they just shocked some people when they first opened that paper during the exam because regardless of whether they prepared well for it, it may have been surprising to see the increase in difficulty compared to the papers we have (which...
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    Poor subject in yr11 to drop

    That is only available if the student accelerated Maths Advanced and Extension 1 in Year 11. Otherwise, Extension 2 must be studied in conjunction with Extension 1 with both courses completed with official assessments and HSC examinations (as well as Advanced content being taught). If your...
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    Holiday Private Tutoring

    Matrix Education does structured Holiday Courses that begin next Monday on the 10th. For the Sciences especially, they cover the next module and I believe perform certain pracs during those Courses. I've always thought Sciences were the best courses taught at Matrix. I'm not so sure about the...
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    Which tutoring centres pay is tutors the most

    Having 500 billion state ranks doesn't necessarily mean the tutoring works for you (though it is a small indicator that they are a trusted company). The smartest people in my cohort went to the most obscure, no-state-ranker centres. I knew a few people who state ranked English without a tutor...
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    sigma vs zhangs for physics

    Just because he went to zhangs (chemistry, not physics) doesn’t necessarily mean Zhangs may be good for you. For example, Kevin Wang tied first with Lachlan Harris for chemistry (and he also came first for physics). Lachlan went to Matrix (on Demand) for those subjects.
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    Thoughts on SCOM Matt?

    I don't want to share entirely the full story that SCOM friends have told me in the chance that it may not be completely true, but I was told that Matt wanted a change in SCOM in regards to something, which the other guy didn't want. He left and took the Girraween kids with him.
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    Thoughts on SCOM Matt?

    No, there was some behind the scenes drama, according to friends who go to SCOM. Him and the other guy had this huge fight and then he left.
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    Human experiences in Fahrenheit 451?

    Perhaps reading the book would be a good start. You are already doing a dystopian, which makes this one hundred times easier. Often, dystopians focus on how an individual tries to break away from a collective. If your assessment is on how individual and collective experiences are reflected in...
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    Dymocks Tutoring

    Wondering if there are any past/present secondary school students attending Dymocks Tutoring. What is it like? Asking for science.
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    HSC Maths Exam Gets an F for Failing Our Students

    Strangely enough, my Maths teacher said it was 'harder', not 'hard', and that the entire exam was doable... I can't vouch for that, however.
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    HSC Maths Exam Gets an F for Failing Our Students

    I've always wondered why maths advanced wasn't the lowest level of maths when it's considered the general level of mathematics all students are expected to reach in other countries (then again, our numeracy/literacy levels in this country are pretty low compared to others in the developed...
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    Year 11 into 12 These should help.
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    Physics and No Maths.

    Is it feasible to get a high band 6 with doing Physics without any form of senior mathematics? A friend of a friend is doing that, not even Standard. I don't know how they're doing, but hypothetically, this is possible?
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    Carlingford High School subject selection

    Did you inform your teachers you were self-studying 5.3 outside of school during your subject selection process, or if you were planning to take Extension from the very beginning of the year tell them then? You can consult your teachers on why you need Extension (and tell them why barring you...
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    Carlingford High School subject selection

    For Mathematics Advanced alone, you would need to have studied 5.3 as a prerequisite. As NESA's website says: The Mathematics Advanced Year 11 course has been developed on the assumption that students have studied the content and achieved the outcomes of the Mathematics Years 7–10 Syllabus and...