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    What UAI did you get?

    I got 90.10 with results of: Chemistry - 74 PDHPE - 86 Modern History - 90 English Advanced - 85 Maths Advanced - 85 English Extension 1 - 43 (86)
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    2005 HSC-Harder than previous

    Hey jdrockefeller, I wrote what I wrote based on what I've heard from teachers and both past and current HSC students. Personally, I thought English Advanced was pretty good, challenging with 3speeches, 3poems. etc. but all in all pretty good. I thought Maths Extension2 was fair and Maths...
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    2005 HSC-Harder than previous

    Speaking to teachers and current students it seems as those this year's HSC is much harder than those in previous years. Is this due to a deliberate policy by the government and Board of Studies, given public critiscm on the ease of the HSC and the government advocating for a national...