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    General Thoughts: Physics

    It's okay, i found it pretty hard!
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    Band 5/6 Cut Off (RAW MARK)

    I reckon it might be high 70s.
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    Raw for band 6?

    Personally, I found it a bit more challenging than last year's paper, since there were some pretty awful questions. I think 80-81 will be cut off for this year??? Thoughts?
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    It was an OKAY exam, but there were ALOT OF shitty questions :rage:
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    My teacher had a look at it and he said that the diagram was misleading!!! most of the state won't get it
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    Predict Your Raw Mark

    let's hope!!!! I think that raw mark would probably get you 92, 93 if you're lucky. Maybe 94 is pushing it, but considering that this year's exam was harder than previous 2 years, i reckon 94 could align to a 58/59 raw :))
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    Predict Your Raw Mark

    probs 58/70 after going through Carrotstick's answers :P
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    HSC MATHEMATICS EXTENSION 1, 2014 1) Killed me 2) Hard 3) Okay 4) Easy 5) Piece of cake
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    E4 raw mark??

    What do u think about E4 RAW MARK? I personally found this exam fairly harder than last 2 years, and so i think it will probz be 50/70??? maybe 48? Thoughts???
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    shit... that was so hard!!!!!! 2012 and 2013 was so much more easier.... got wrecked by PROBABILITY :rage:
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    Scaling 2011

    what do you mean bad year? If the exam was hard, shouldn't it scale like crazy?
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    Scaling 2011

    Why did the 2011 maths extension 1 paper scale so bad? Like i looked at the raw marks, and a person who got 62/84 only got 92. Whereas someone who got that in 2009 pretty much got the same mark?? wtf?
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    Hardest HSC year for extension 1?

    I found 2009 and 2011 hardest!!!!! aggh killed me! only got like 61/84
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    8 marker

    I said Mendel, Sutton and watson/crick (their sorta together anyway)
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    Communication option

    Farrrkkk that 4 marker on the monkey= hate hate and that 7 marker hardly had anytime left :(
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    I think vasoconstriction would be acceptable. I was going to put that, but then i talked about INCREASED RESPIRATION AND INCREASED METABOLISM. don't know if that's right :blink2:
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    Please share multiple choice answers!!
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    I thought some of the questions were a bit tricky. Like that rennin question and cloning question. And in communication the friken monkey question (FARKKKK!!!!)
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    Farrkkk I know right... the average was just the averagge of the first THREE trials. Wtf did u write for the "Account for the....." 2 marker?!?!?!?