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    what hand are you

    At Woodstock '69 he plays his entire set left handed. Where's the option for ambidextrious? I do most things left handed, but I write right handed. Actually, I'm a freak. In cricket, I throw left handed, but bowl right handed. heh, I'm awesome.
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    Tips for Remebering Syllabus (acronyms)

    Skills of management SPASM VEST IN A T.P. Solving Problems Adaptability Self - Managing Vision Ethical Strategic Thinking Teamwork People skills I also had some awesome acronym that I have forgotten what it stands for. It was Dirty English Teachers Suck Penis...
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    How did u find it?

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    HTA 2005 Essay Prize

    yeah, I was meant to give my project to my teacher so he could enter it, but that involved printing off a fresh copy as he had written all over mine. Faaaaar too much effort for me
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    One Year To Go......

    How do you douchebags even know yet? The Board of Studies hasn't released a timetable yet, and you wouldn't want your precious counters to be out by a couple of days right?
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    Modern History Exam Thoughts (merged)

    My reaction when I saw there was a totalitarian question was utter, sheer relief. I had this huge smile on my face in reading time, and I was looking round to see if anyone else looked like me. I absolutely nailed the Germany section. Be disappointed with less than 36/40 for it, probably should...
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    One Year To Go......

    No... A smart person would take it easy over the Christmas holidays and just relax, because the HSc doesn't get serious until the trials. I know a lot of people who burnt out before the HSC, I almost did, the only thing that saved me was the amount of coasting I did earlier in the year. But hey...
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    Urgent Query to do with Multiple Choice [All Subjects]

    You have no chance. You have to study the pattern to see it emerge and I can tell you, no HSC marker is gonna spen that long marking it. Kiss goodbye 8 or so marks. Lol.
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    2005 Germany Hsc

    Man, I almost cried with joy when I saw the Totalitarian question, as I had done a practice exam for it the night before. Oh yeah!
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    Business Studies

    The business report tests two of the topics. The essay tests the remaining three topics. The topics for these sections do not overlap.
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    National Studies HISTORIOGRAPHY

    It's not necessary. As many have said before, my teacher has also told us that while historiography is useful it is not necessary to gain a band six. He also said to paraphrase rather then quote if you have to, cos we have enough to learn as it is. Try and remember three good quotes, but more...
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    The "holy crap I have Modern and Society on the same day" thread

    As I have said in the History Extension thread, you qualms pae into significance of three of my class mates Thursday: AM: Modern History Friday: AM: Physics PM: History Extension. Quit complaining. Chances are there's someone worse off
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    This is a new low in internet forums.
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    Predict The Topic Of The Hsc Question!!!!!

    It's source analysis and YOUR own knowledge. So no. Basically, in the 10 markers, you don't need intros or conclusions. They aren't essays. They are short answer responses.
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    historiography 4 indochina

    Nah, your right. It would be pretty cool to keep studying after we've done the exam. Anyway, there's way too much to study for modern as it is. I'm gonna raise an issue and then talk about historians differing views about it. Really cannot be fucked memorising quotes.
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    historiography 4 indochina

    Am I the only one sitting the modern history exam on the Thursday?
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    The Ladder Theory

    This ladder theory reminds me of this quote from DragonflyBlade21: A woman has a close male friend. This means that he is probably interested in her, which is why he hangs around so much. She sees him strictly as a friend. This always starts out with, you're a great guy, but I don't...
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    Worst way of getting dumped.. or worst excuse for a break up

    Ok, best one I've ever heard: - Guy isn't feeling well - Girl comes over to guys house and gives him a video tape and some cookies to cheer him up - He starts watching the video (it's a Simpsons episode or whatever you want) and eating the cookies. - All of a sudden the image changes, as...
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    Legal Studies We Were Plain Ripped Off

    In retrospect, I could've probably answered the question sufficiently, using my own knowledge and the stimulus, but I had a pretty major mind blank during the exam and as such, I'm simply riding the wave of anger! I don't see why this is such a huge issue anymore. The marking guidelines will...
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    HSC Exam

    3 people in my History Extension class have: Wednesday AM: Chemistry Thursday AM: Modern Friday AM: Physics PM: History Extension Tight