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    can you chill once you get accepted into a course

    do cool shit on the side. start a business. write a blog. run a charity. direct a play. organise a trivia night. your resume is the sum of your experiences. make it interesting
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    English Essay

    Othello's downfall is entirely of his own creation. Iago pokes and prods, but the actions Othello takes are ultimately decisions that he is responsible for. Jealousy is your main focus, but also talk about Othello temper and swiftness of action.
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    human flaws in Othello

    Impulsive Insecure Proud
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    The future of Sydney

    seriously, this is just a thread about water
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    The future of Sydney

    guys this is just a nice thread about water
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    The future of Sydney

    hey bosers from 17 years ago, you were right. things have gotten worse for sydney right now hey bosers who are 17 years in the future, hope you're not dead
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    Creative Story Ideas Pick a character Pick a location Pick a desire Done.
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    LinkedIn help

    linkedin is pretty cool though. I help set up multi-million dollar deals (for real) using linkedin for work
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    LinkedIn help

    You'd be surprised. Most marketers are terrible self-promoters. 😄
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    LinkedIn help

    this is why you were banned from linkedin
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    Yep, this. Motivation will get you nowhere. Action and discipline will get you everywhere.
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    What to do

    It's rarely worth your time to repeat, especially deciding on it this early.