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  1. russianROULETTE

    UTS - Semester 1 2010 Guestimates + Official Results (21 July 2010) thread

    oh right haha, i thought that page would only be released on results day so assumed it must be located somewhere else... thanks :D very happy with results. except for economics where i went from getting HD in midsem and assignments then getting a credit... damn you marginal cost curves
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    What are you currently Reading?

    no, i was a few chapters in. strangely for me the whole killing thing was understandable, she feels powerless to openly resist her uncle so she goes along with it. that's plausible, it's like kill or be killed (or run away and leave everyone you know, i guess). and obviously it wouldn't be...
  3. russianROULETTE

    Rules for Staff

    your job is to book private lessons. i accept that's going to take a while because your staff has been sent somewhere else, i know that's not your fault and i'm happy to wait. what i do not accept is you getting pissed off, acting like it's a massive inconvenience and attempting to get me to...
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    UTS - Semester 1 2010 Guestimates + Official Results (21 July 2010) thread

    do you access it from student admin like your results or is it in a separate area or something? i have no idea where it is lol
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    What are you currently Reading?

    did you find the main character annoying at all? cause i started reading this and found Katsa an epic pain in the backside. she's always scowling, surly and a total bitch to everyone, yet i'm supposed to believe deep inside she just wants to *help* people. is it worth reading past the first few...
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    them Sydney Trains moments

    Re: them cityrail moments i've had a few disturbing encounters... once i suddenly heard all this splashing behind me and some kind of liquid all over the floor. there was a grotty old man there, and i still to this day do not know whether it was urine or whether he fell asleep and spilled...
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    The Hunger Games

    bump. so, we have a release date for the third book, mockingjay will be out on the 1st of september, yay (wikipedia says august 24 but at my work it said september so the former is obviously the american release date) :D i don't like the cover art that much, it doesn't go with the other...
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    Rules for Customers

    don't spread your books all over the counter and stand around deciding which of them you will take while a queue develops behind you. decide what you want BEFORE you come to the counter, quite simple really. don't tap on the door and ask when i'll be open you impatient fuck, i will open...
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    Does anyone work in a Bookstore?

    just a tip... if you're going to work in a bookstore, try to go for one that is run by the company's head office. with independently owned franchises you'll get owners who don't pay the bills/forget to submit special orders, which you then cop all the abuse for regardless of whether you have...
  10. russianROULETTE

    Completed B.Com(finance), want to move into advertising/marketing?

    wouldn't you have had to repeat those core units to get your degree? also if you're doing a masters, wouldn't you have to do it in the subject you majored in? at uts for example i was looking into doing an extra year for honours but it had to be in one of your majors, wouldn't honours be the...
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    ah i see. i always have no end of trouble finding a computer, started lugging my laptop around everywhere instead.
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    you mean you went to the library and actually found a free computer? :eek: :eek: :eek: i call bullshit.
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    Exams- discussion- venting

    wanna swap exam timetables :p i have almost all 9.30am exams, i have to get up at like 5.30am to be sure the train will get me there on time. i'd love a late exam timetable haha
  14. russianROULETTE

    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    originally i was doing that too, having them in the background while going through the textbook doing the exercises. but i fail at multi-tasking and just ended up watching them lol.
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    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    had a day off yesterday, perfect opportunity to study for accounting tomorrow without interruption... naturally i squandered the entire day watching movies. and now in my 1.5 hour break where i could be revising, i'm wasting time on BoS. *sigh* no willpower... FML.
  16. russianROULETTE

    Exams- discussion- venting

    yeah MPO, i need to pick up my essay too so i have to hang around. oh did you get a really epic mark for the pre-released exam or something? i only got a credit, but i'm sure i'll get enough in the final to pass accounting. @ krayzie for MPO there's a 2000 word essay and 3000 word essay...
  17. russianROULETTE

    Exams- discussion- venting

    i have this too, stupid accounting. and i have a lecture tomorrow so i don't really get a proper day to study.
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    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    today i went for a study group revision session, ended up late because of the train and then couldn't find the room :( fail. also, accounting study is fail. and the worst part is that once the exam is over, i have to do the next accounting subject next sem :evilfire:
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    business degree

    yeah i get what you mean, you can only really do language with arts in int'l studies. i find it so weird that uts doesn't even really have a straight arts degree... either that or it just eludes me when i do a course search.
  20. russianROULETTE

    So how many days do you spend in uni per week?

    this semester i had 4. i'll have 4 next semester as well, except one day is just a lecture so i'll prob just skip that lol. i work two days a week as well so i really only get one day off... that will change next semester i told my work i can only work sundays woo