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  1. gr_111

    Binomial Probability

    Question from SGHS 2012 Trial: 12b) The probability that it rains on any particular day in London is 2/3. ii) What is the probability that it will rain on only two days during a whole week in London, and that these two days are consecutive? My working: There are six ways of having...
  2. gr_111

    Estimate my ATAR pls!

    Hey ppl, please estimate my Atar from these ranks: <tbody> Subject Rank Cohort English Standard ~20 126 Business Studies 1 39 Engineering Studies 1 14 Legal Studies (possibly 1st but say 2nd) 2 4 Mathematics 1 30~ (not entirely sure how many)...
  3. gr_111

    2008 HSC Q4b

    2008 HSC Q4b Barbara and John and six other people go through a doorway one at a time. (i)In how many ways can the eight people go through the doorway if John goes through the doorway after Barbara with no-one in between? Is the answer to this \frac{7!}{2!} \quad ??? My reasoning is that...
  4. gr_111

    what happens with equal first?

    It looks like i'm equal first internally in business studies, with a mark of 88%, roughly 35-40 people in the class. How does BoardOS then align mine and the other guys HSC marks presuming they will be different. e.g. If i get 85 and he gets 93, who gets what as their assessment mark?
  5. gr_111

    highest coefficient

    find the highest coefficient of (2x-1)^5 I've tried the T_k+1 / T_k >1 and i'm getting k as -6 for some reason? Can anyone give a hint or another way to work it out, short of expanding the whole thing?
  6. gr_111

    Binomial probability

    "A library has 10 different books on ancient history. If 70 people borrow one of these books at random over a period of months, what is the greatest number of people likely to borrow one particular book?" In a question like this is it necessary to go through the whole process of...
  7. gr_111

    Projectile Motion Q

    Question from Maths in Focus, Ex 6.11 Q25. Part b is stuffing me around, can anyone help!
  8. gr_111

    Engineering studies marks

    Does anyone know what raw mark out of 100 is required to get a Band 6 in Engineering Studies? Thanks
  9. gr_111

    Velocity/Displacement and time of motion

    Can anyone help me with this one: The velocity of a particle is given by v = \frac{1}{4\,cos\,2x\,} \text{cms}^{-1} and initially the particle is at the origin. Find the total time of motion. Answers say 2 seconds, but i thought the time of motion is the difference between the times when...
  10. gr_111

    The STATE OF ORIGIN thread...

    Gearing up for game three 2012... arguably the biggest game in Origin history. Who's going to win and by how much??? I reckon Blues by 4, with Brett Stewart as first try scorer.
  11. gr_111

    Question on roots of a quadratic equation

    Need help with this question, Q8a from 2010 CSSA Trial Paper: The quadratic equation x^2 - 4Ax +6B = 0 has two different real roots \alpha and \beta . i) Show that 2A^2 > 3B . ii) Find the range of values of B if the sum of the roots is equal to the product of the...
  12. gr_111

    Question on Stationary Points/Inflexion Points...

    Is there ever any point on a graph where f'(x) = 0 and f"(x) = 0 and it is not a horizontal inflexion point? In other words, is f'(x)=0, f"(x)=0 always a horizontal inflexion?? Thanks
  13. gr_111

    Rearrange cos^3x...

    G'day Can someone show me the steps to prove (cos3x) = (1/4(3cosx + cos3x))??? Thanks.
  14. gr_111

    Iron Carbide Phase Diagram

    Just wondering how much we need to know about the iron carbide phase diagram for the exam??? Could they just give you one and ask you to use it to explain stuff or would they not give you one at all? Just having trouble remembering all that stuff! Cheers