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    UNSW - CENTRAL COAST Car pooling (or how to avoid trains)

    Hi Im currently living on the central Coast, attending unsw 4 days a week. I wanted to see if there were any others like me that commute each day from the central coast... and if so we could car pool to save transport costs and save the earth....! (Every bit helps) So reply via email if you are...
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    1st year Engineers @UNSW Post ur timetables!

    I guess this is abit more organised and specific than the other thread, anyway heres mine.... (placeholder for mine, as it just screwed up....)
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    VERY IMPORTANT Q.. plz answer

    I am not sure if I have actually accepted my offer yet to unsw. Im up to the bit where I have to do my timetable....(timetable clashes preventing progression) by that stage have you "accepted" your offer by this fridays deadline....?
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    Civil Engineering - Maths and Physics timetabling help PLZ!?!

    Im going to be joining the UNSW ranks this year as a first year civil eng student yay! But first I have a question about timetables. I do a search for the courses for civil engineering and this is what comes up CVEN1300 Engineering Mechanics Session One MATH1131 Mathematics 1A...
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    The "friends plans fell through" wanna goto gold coast for schoolies 05 thread

    As the title says, my friends are lazy and boring. The whole schoolies trip fell through..... :( Im looking for a group of people from the Central Coast, who for some unforseen reason are in the same circumstance. and wanna go on a roadtrip to the Gold Coast. Its kinda late for accomodation...
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    The "WTF WAS THAT XTRA EASY" were all goinna get shit scaling thread....

    The "WTF WAS THAT XTRA EASY" were all goinna get shit scaling thread.... I wrote 8 booklets (from end to end) because I had so much time.... Everybody is saying it was very easy, even the option topic was easy.... (it just took thought) THE MULTIPLE CHOISE GAVE YOU THE ANSWER MOST OF THE...
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    Can Someone Post The Paper Please? Thanks....

    Can Someone Post The Paper Please? Thanks....