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  1. Chinmoku03

    Tutor available for 2U/3U Maths tuition around UNSW, Kensinton Campus

    Hi all. My name's Robin and I'm offering tuition for 2U and 3U Maths. I graduated in 2007 with a UAI of 93.2 and just finished the first year of my Mechanical Engineering/Science degree, so I'm doing uni level maths and science right now. HSC Marks: Advanced English: 76 3U Maths: 93 4U Maths...
  2. Chinmoku03

    Asking on behalf of an acquaintance...

    So yeah, I'm asking people on behalf of an acquaintance. Anyway, this guy wants to study economics at UNSW. Apparently, the UAI for it is around 90, but both he and his mum predict that he will score around 80~90 for his UAI, 90 at best, 80 at worst. So... 1. He's placed two economics...
  3. Chinmoku03

    Intertextuality and BR+BNW

    How does intertextuality fit into the In the Wild elective? Cos I've read the Wikipedia article on intertextuality and from what I see, it's trying to say that intertextuality only comes up in the Transformation elective >.O; Also, my friend said it means borrowing meaning from another text to...
  4. Chinmoku03

    First hand investigations

    Just wondering, would markers deduct marks in the HSC if your investigation is "out"? Like, for example, for the bromine water test, I wrote on a past paper that I used ethene and ethane. My teacher handed it back with the comment: "Impossible" lol >.>; Oh, and he gave me no marks, but a lil...
  5. Chinmoku03

    Who's Doing King Lear Here?

    I just wanna know which schools are doing KL for their module B this year. I'm screwing up KL really bad, (4/20 for my half yearly's -.-; ) so I'm thinking of asking around for teachers that do Eng tuition and are relatively good at KL. Thanks in advance ^.^;
  6. Chinmoku03

    Red Giants and Supergiants

    Ok, while doing the investigation, I've been reading books talking about how a main sequence star transforms into a red giant. From what I understand, when the hydrogen in the star core is completely used up, no outward radiation pressure can balance the inward gravitational pressure, loss in...
  7. Chinmoku03


    Could someone explain weightlessness to me? I've read thru some of the common study guides (Macquarie, Excel) and textbooks, (Phys Context, Jacaranda) but none of the explanations made sense to me. I get the formula, just need an explanation. Thanks in advance.
  8. Chinmoku03

    Bibliography for Open Ended Investigation

    Ok, so my school's given the open ended investigation on astro for us to complete during the holis. There's the rundown on what the investigation should be about etc and near the bottom of the rundown, it says: "Use the Harvard system of annotation in the bibliography." Does anyone have any...