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    after catching public transport everyday for high school there's no way I'm doing that again for uni What are the best options for car parking everyday at the Camperdown/Darlington campus? I've tried looking on the site and there's too much information to understand.. do you get a student...
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    Email not working?

    I can log into the UniKey page fine but when i try in www.outlook.com it says either the username or password is wrong my username is aabc1234@student.uni.edu.au and i even tried USDDMMYY as my password
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    Algorithm Answers

    So I'm bored so I decided to do the algorithm answers. I got some of these wrong in the actual exam but after looking at them now these are most likely all correct: 22 b) (i) position end current maximum Index(1) Index(2) Index(3) Index(4) 1 4 2 1 S F W A 1 4 3...