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  1. aphorae

    FINS3625 Applied Corporate Finance - Advice?

    Yeah, it's the hardest after SAV. Midsem average this year was a FAIL. Kind of depends if you're naturally mathematically-inclined though (yes? good. no? errr study hard). e.g. just as a broad generalisation, basically all the people I talked to who did really well in 4u thought ACF was either...
  2. aphorae

    What subjects can I choose from if I wanted to major in acct/fins

    Why would you do 5 flexicores(?) Perhaps you can do FINS1612 instead?
  3. aphorae

    Kensington Colleges and UNSW Village

    Fig Tree is marketed towards international + exchange students so as you can imagine, the atmosphere is pretty different from the other three. More like nice/homely? The actual colleges have a party lifestyle all throughout semester - they can be pretty noisy late into the night. I think the...
  4. aphorae

    Which of the 4 flexible cores are the easiest/most interesting?

    Yeah, you can basically delay any course until whenever unless you need it as a prereq. I have friends who left it til 3rd-4th year to do mgmt/infs/etc.
  5. aphorae

    FINS1612 vs FINS1613

    1613 is a lot easier in Semester 1 (vs. course in Semester 2), so it's possible you'd find 1612 harder? I did it in S2 2013. Quiz 1 was easy, and I think usually either quiz 2 or the final is hard (the other one being okay) don't get complacent if you do really well in the first quiz haha...
  6. aphorae

    Which of the 4 flexible cores are the easiest/most interesting?

    If you're choosing one for next semester, macro. If you can wait til 1st sem next year, fins is a no-brainer. A lot of the exam material comes from the practice questions/samples etc. so as long as you practice it's an easy D-HD. Don't do fins next sem if you're not that great at math though...
  7. aphorae

    Are these lecturers good?

    I had Kozlina in my first year, I think that was her first time teaching so she was a bit disorganised. Didn't lecture us much, 80% was class discussion or getting sorted into groups/presenting/etc. Constantly behind in material, eventually skipped some. Might be better now. Not harsh but not...
  8. aphorae

    2014 Law Cohort Rollcall

    Yes. Well, you don't have to, but roughly half the cohort will be there so it's an amazing opportunity to meet people, make friends and have stories to tell for years to come :) If you don't go, you will probably feel like you missed out when everyone raves about it afterwards. It sold out in a...
  9. aphorae

    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    oh man i have that too... but its law to law zz
  10. aphorae

    WAM Boosters

    INFS1602 isn't a breeze anymore in comparison to other com courses, depending on what mark you're aiming for, and how good your maths or eco is for the other electives (hard to say if you only did 2u maths). I don't know if they changed it from before or something, because people from a couple...
  11. aphorae

    A few Enrolment Questions :D Thanks

    5 minutes from the Physics Theatre to John Clancy???? Are we thinking of the same building or do you fly?? That's almost from one side of the uni to the other, and uphill. Probably 15 minutes if you walk at a reasonable pace and don't mind stairs, from the time it takes you to get out of the...
  12. aphorae

    Transfer from Comm to Comm/Law

    You don't need to do all the compulsory core courses in the first semester. Feel free to mix them up with the flexicores, and even electives if/when you transfer to law next year. I kind of wish someone had told me back then that it really didn't matter. Heaps of people leave them til second...
  13. aphorae

    How long are the holidays/breaks in UNSW BCom?

    ^ Also a great period for vacation internships, a 1-1.5 month break would hardly be enough
  14. aphorae

    ECON1203 or FINS1613 or INFS1602 or MARK1012 for 2014 Semester 1?

    That^ S1 lecturer (Robert) basically scaled most of our assessment averages to D (or close). Cool guy. ECON1203 is objective. Then MARK (most of it is multiple choice + memorised content, some bs analysis involved; group presentations + projects probably seem less objective, may depend on the...
  15. aphorae

    laws1075/JURD7175/contracts course outline

    Hahaha you've identified me by name on BoS before Michael! Ofc I know you :P And please, I used to use bos all the time... OMG you're VICTOR? I thought your name was Vincent all this time awks. I'm sure we met once but I can't remember anything including the face... I'm hopeless.
  16. aphorae

    laws1075/JURD7175/contracts course outline

    Ah, I forgot about that - any recent Contracts 2 course would be just helpful though, as most of the topics still overlap. Thanks Michael!
  17. aphorae

    Do we need textbooks for:

    Yeah you should get the acct textbook. Definitely don't need stats, though there's a PDF version of the old one floating around somewhere... never needed it though.
  18. aphorae

    Timetable enrolment error

    Do an elective. I'm doing 2624 + ACF next sem, haven't done 3616 either. Most people do BFM or Wealth as their first.